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GPS insurer for ventilation

Looking for alternative ways to put my phone in the car found this insurer for ventilation.

It has a hook that fits any car ventilation. Very cool.

Below some options of the insurer.

The hook is this shown in the photo. There is a spring that forces the hook in the ventilation.

It looks like a pair of pliers, on right of picture, is actually the bottom support must rest on the Panel.

A bad thing of the product is that it doesn't come a support itself. He simply attached to the current support of your GPS. Come these three pieces on the left that adapt to any “frame” GPS you have.

On the left of the photo I adapted to the insurer of GPS to another cell phone support ventilation.

Below in my car as is phone support. In the Corsa Premium there is very space in pane below the vent so that the support be properly supported.

It is only reasonable to. Scales a lot and can't be trusted. Maybe in another car run better.

Just bought as a test to see if you can hold something in the vent of my car. It seems, You can't do that in the Corsa Premim, It is very unreliable. Those interested can follow the link below to check if it works in DealExtreme and another car. Let also a list with other supports for ventilation:

This text support –

Outros suportes – air

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