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Wi-Fi Repeater

* This is an old and outdated Repeater. To view the review and how to configure a most current Repeater, 300Mbits and supported standard no, follow this link.


I have a WiFi point in my room but I can not use the network in the living room because the signal is too weak. Because of that, I bought this WiFi repeater.

It is a small device that is plugged to an outlet and works by repeating a previously configured WiFi network, extending its range.

The new network can have the same name as your main Wifi or other denomination. In my case, I use the product in the living room of my apartment, configured to be called AdrianoSalaWiFi.

To configure the device you must connec it to a PC and set the computer's Gateway network to Like this, by putting this address in any browser you can modify the repeater's settings.

There are two modes of operation: “Repeater” and “router”. In the first case it works as I described, the second mode takes up a wired network in Ethernet and routes to create a wireless network. Just like any conventional WiFi router. In the figure below the Repeater is plugged in looking for WiFi network:

The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the network repeated use obligatorily the same frequency channel of the original network, What can cause interference. In my case it worked, but I realized that if too many people is using at the same time that can cause some disconnections. When the repeater find the configured WiFi network both green LEDs light up as shown below:

I leave below the link for those interested. I bought this device at DealExtreme:

About Adriano

Professor, Engineer and buyer of products crazy China.



    Hello all right Adriano?

    I have this repeater she always functioned normally, hj but she did not connect, I went for a scrambled it to see barely touch the cable and just 1 light was on and was blinking red, and agrochemical not handle the signal

  2. Good night!

    Adriano, I have a repeater that I do not know if my daughter moved him for this with lighted red lights will be that it is only set up again?

  3. I turn my repeater in the making and will not appear the repeater Wi-Fi network on your computer which could be ? I've tried connecting via the network cable, and does not give access to the configuration ip

  4. Hello people, Good night!
    I will clarify the question of all, set up and I am using the device it is excellent.
    If you normally connects but does not access the internet, do it:
    Enter the settings of your router and enable the WPS, include a new device to the router by entering the pin of your repeater appearing behind him.
    It will take a 2 minutes and ok, It is solved was just a wps authorization that your repeater needed to be able to access the router and free up your access.
    Do you think device burned?
    You are wrong it will hardly burn, the device is excellent, follow the steps below:
    This device has a bug, if you reset it without waiting for the right time for him to restart it shuts location via wifi and you think he burned.
    If he turns on the lights, access via cable using the LAN adapter the ipv4 ip subnet is and Default Gateway it is OK. I will not explain how you access the ipv4 why too easy to believe that everyone knows.
    After this is only access via the cable to the ip, configure the manufacturer teaches in his manual and was already.
    Staff is simple, hug to everyone!

  5. hello as I can to firmewaew this wifi repeater

  6. OLA, Good night .

    I bought a wifi repeater – more so I installed, not grip the internet and it was in the settings to see if it was a way, sooner after I caught my repeater with the first two LEDs lit, already pressed reset nothing changes, placed and removed from the outlet more remains the same.
    Someone please help me.

  7. Good night How do I to scratch resertar

  8. I bought a repeater and was working normally,now I get whatsapp messages by cell phone but not can not open or open images and videos…Google not enter TBM! I would like to know pq?

    • Adriano

      It should not work anything or everything. It should not work in half. I have no idea what is the problem. Check the firewall and at worst do a reset on the repeater.

  9. Marcelo coast

    My internet usually takes, Connect the repeater a good, but the internet does not catch, what should I do? I've given reset several times and no catch… Help me, Thank you in advance!

    • Adriano

      There is something wrong with the network between the adapter and your router / modem main. Is out for by, make sure the LAN part is configured to receive the IP router.

      • I'm having trouble setting up my repeater, qdo type in the IP it gives error. I've tried numerous times and could not. Already restarted the repeater, but nothing happens.
        How should I proceed?

        • Adriano

          Place directly on the computer (via cabo Ethernet). Set the computer's IP for fixed ( or and or Gateway or Should work.

  10. Hello Friend, set the normal Repeater, more when I switch on the pc , the ip address, the sign is not recognized, Oh I'm without internet, If you put the auto ip settings, the internet back up and running but the Repeater for. What to do?

  11. I bought one of these set everything normal he was worked normal ones 15 days of 1 hour to another he deleted all the switching on and switching plug he didn't turn on the lights get extinguished sera that burned even before used kkk fuck.
    does anyone have any solutions thanks.

  12. OLA, you know tell me if he can repeat the signal from the cell phone sharing?

  13. Good night
    my internet is very slow (speed), with this Repeater!!!
    This and normal?

    • Adriano

      The internet via WiFi is slow? May be Yes. If the Repeater is very close to the main router, can create an area where there are broadcast on the same frequency and decrease the speed of the network.

  14. OLA, I bought the same Repeater but when I put the IP does not open the page , says she does not exist

    I don't know but what I do

    • Adriano

      Try to connect the Repeater via cable directly to your computer, without going through router. Try on a notebook, It's easier to. Let the notebook initially with variable IP then try fixed, If it doesn't work. Try also reset the Repeater to factory default.

      • help me please!
        I bought a Repeater that I set up on my phone using the manually then it worked, I removed for use elsewhere since I couldn't configure reseted mean lowered the reset red popups but know if reset when I type the pin in the browser of the cel sometimes enters the page to enter the login and the password, the page does not load !!!! Help me

  15. Sissi novaes

    Good morning, I bought a cell phone Repeater, already installed, but when I try to use the phone the wirelles, I only get messages via the internet, and I can not send or enter en internet by cell phone sansung. Need to set up any item?

  16. Rafael Vieira

    Good afternoon,
    I bought a wifi repeater in ML equal to the picture in the article, the instructions in the manual, I tried to configure wireless, and when appeared the rde laptop wireless, asked paraconfigurar the network I clicked and put the PIN, and nothing to open the page, reseted the same, and tried without configuring the network, nothing on the page Open, tried with Repeater network cable to the laptop, connected to the network (no internet) and nothing on the page Open, I tried for fixed IP and gateway and nothing, I did everything that was suggested, in the comments and nothing fucking abrirsempre reseto page and try again and nothing so far, will the feeble Repeater?

    • Adriano

      Maybe it's defective. Before complaining, give a factory reset by holding the reset button for a few 20 seconds and then try to access by connecting it to a laptop with the same network cable you connect the computer to the router. Direct connect the Repeater to the PC, without router. Configure the PC to fixed IP (something like and type in GATEWAY and DNS. If it doesn't work, must be faulty even.

      • My mother bought and worked there also bought, my mother does not connect more and my never got it to work, I've done everything, the first time you opened the page I did everything right and the internet's missing, now I already reseted did everything I was told bad this page won't open even, put that dirty, only 99,00 each.

  17. Good afternoon!

    I also bought a Repeater in DX and all was well until the Net change my modem/router to a model of the “Cisco”.

    The signal is stable the main point and repeaters, but when accessing the Wifi network for the Repeater with the iphone or ipad connection only if claims for less than 1 hour. After that, to connect again, only restarting the modem/router.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

  18. Hello, all well? Boy to see if you can help me… I bought a Repeater that, I did all the configuration as the manual, the Repeater “repeats” my internet, However when I connect the internet by Repeater says the internet is not accessible and so I can't get into any site and etc..
    Can you tell me what can be and how can I fix this?
    Thank you very much.


  19. My tablet this corrupt and already did reset says the google voice system stopped uqui do for my ta

  20. Don't buy this junk Chinese, I say from experience, I bought a, Never worked right, fall of 5 in 5 minutes, and lasted 3 MONTHS, for after I complain to the Bishop!! By 50 the Royal bought a TP-Link, with a warranty of 3 YEARS, connects perfect, flat wheel, does not fall never! RUN this economy NUT!!!

    • Adriano

      This my Repeater works until today with me. Actually the better tplink, but that doesn't mean that this is a garbage. I think I had to reset it once since I installed two years ago at my mother-in-law. I wrote the text, It's a bad thing or not worked I would have left registered…

  21. Hello friends, my modem wasn't too entering the page I found out that my Repeater couldn't RESET pressing for 10 seconds and with more or less 15 seconds he was resetting. Hope it helps the guys.

  22. A friend bought a router q has the function to repeat the signal, quiet works sometimes. But after a while it stops working and not hanging up and calling back.. So after mt cost back q q is can be ??

  23. Sergio santana

    man bought the tp link tl wa850re configured on my router tl wr941nd more noticed on the phone that the WiFi is connecting and disconnecting all the time, you know what can be Adriano?

    • Change the channel, enable (or disable the “N” the wifi). Change the device to see if it's not the fault of the receiver device.

  24. Hi Adriano good afternoon
    Installed this WiFi Repeater and worked fine for a month…until it appears in the list of network signals and,is green and when I click it says connected but with a yellow dot…I tried to reset,take of plug,Reinstall through the cable connected in the Notebook,He comes back verd(before only with yellow dot) but DOES NOT CONNECT.
    Can you help me, Please?
    Is there any way or buy other less ching ling,in Kalunga even?
    Thank you

  25. Installed my Repeater, but in the notebook it works normal, but the phone won't start the Repeater signal, only the signal from the router. Need some special configuration?

  26. I configure the Repeater, Elle repeats a signal but a limited signal what do I do ?

  27. My friend, bought it and my connection does not appear the router, It recognizes my wireless network does not connect to internet anymore

    • How to recognize your wireless network? You have configured as?

      If not configured, connect directly to a laptop or PC using the Ethernet cable and configure pointing your browser to . Do not plug into a router, connect directly to a PC.

  28. Good day Adrianomm, I made a dump large and do not know how to solve. Wanted to update the firmware and the installation was fine until 100%. Then he gave a blank screen and I can not log in anymore in the device setup screen. Can you help me with this? Hug

  29. OLA! Adriano I am with a problem, I bought a Repeater newlink, However when I open the browser to put the IP that is suggested is the the website does not load and, the message that this web page is not available.
    What I do.?

    • Put the Repeater connected directly to a computer. Type “ipconfig” on screen computer terminal and check the address of “GATEWAY”. This is the address that should be typed in the browser to configure the router…

  30. Marckis Oliveira

    Hello! My only connects but does not go on the Internet. I suspect that may be the channel… Does anyone know how to change or another possible solution, I already reseted several times and the problem persists. Thank you! Marckis

    • A problem with the cable that goes to the router, or with the WiFi network if authentication is being used as Repeater. Check that!

      • Oh! If you are in a place where you can't get the original WiFi you can also give this defect.

  31. Hello I bought this router , I installed it normally , so that it works for a few 20 min and after that he keeps sending the signal so I can't get on the internet with this sign , I wonder if u can help me in this problem ? I have a router with DHCP active and possess net virtual.

    • See if it works with Wires… Can be the WiFi channel, try switching on the other. If nothing works, try to go back to factory settings.

  32. I'm also with the msm problem. The lights are all lit, but when I go to configure it at the part where I have to put the username and password, an error message appears (user name or password error!) Thank you in advance and I am awaiting his return.

    • Resseta the WiFi Repeater. Has a button you must hold tight for a long time to return to the default settings.

  33. Adriano help me. I gave a reset on wifi repeater to change network. He simply not leaving open for a new network configuration. I believe I need, to reactivate it, a new firmware. You have this firmware and a tutorial on how to install it? To understand, When I turn on the outlet is only flashing red light.

    • Take another reset. Or logs?

      • JA I gave reset again and not loga. I've tried all the ways, I believe that crashed. in google envcontri a new firmware and a tutorial but it does not open to that between the settings. I believe he crashed. Thanks for the reply

        • When you turn it straight on the computer, via ethernet cable, the computer gets an IP? Put a fixed IP on the computer and Gateway to see if it works.

          • No. It does not open the network to configure it again. Even the leds that indicate his connection with the note, via cable, light up. Not sign or by cables or wireless network. The leds “Greens” that illuminate when logged in do not light up, It's only the first, in red, flashing.

  34. Man bought one of these, I'm thinking that the WiFi signal coverage is ridiculously weak, the idea was to cover the signal in places that the router came with weak signal or null but the router's signal can get better than this signal Repeater, even though physically closer to the router… that's the way it is or my Repeater is in trouble? What is the range of this Repeater is well below that of a router even?

    • I didn't think weak not. Mine is basically as good as my router.

      • Check the channel, Maybe there's another transmission using the same channel causing interference on your WiFi.

  35. Leonardo Antonio

    Staff, I saw that many are having the same difficulty I, then
    I decided to drop by and leave the solution that worked for me. In
    time to change the IP comfiguraçoes instead of typing
    ( I chose a higher port ( I had
    read this on another site and it solved my problem
    Enter the configuration page. Don't mistake in time to enter the IP
    to enter the configuration page.. still the same ( I hope the EU resolves the problem of you, as well as solved my….

    • It shouldn't have worked. It makes no difference if the IP is high or low. If it worked because it must be some error in the camera firmware. The interesting thing is that I set the camera with the IP without even thinking about it. I'll see if I'm doing tests with smaller IP.

      Will gave problem with smaller IPs because other computers may have fixed IP?

  36. When I connect to internet by cell phone in the Repeater, apaece “Authentication problem”, and does not connect. What can be wrong?

    • Reset the password to a more simple as possible. Change the WPA encryption type to test…

      • I put a very simple password, and I even left without password, but the signal appears most do not connect, in fact appears that is connected, but there is no internet working, I don't know what to do

        • Try to reset the Repeater, reset the settings to the default. Then reconfigure and see if it works…

  37. Hello! I bought a Repeater of these and I can't open the page I've tried connecting via router and straight on the computer, but in any case I got success. Always says that the web page is not available. Can you help me?

    • Is not Connect the computer directly to the Repeater and type the command ipconfig at the ends. The “gateway address” is the correct address to be entered in the browser.

  38. Install my Repeater, So what is the wifi light flashing, This and nirmal

  39. Hi Adriano! I followed your suggestion and bought a Repeater for ca, but I have a strange problem. I can't access the router with the username and password = admin, However the screen “Setup wizard” don't get in after I click this option in the left menu… It's like showing up a blank HTML page…I appreciate if you know what's going on and can help me, I've tried several things here (reboot the router, switch between internet explorer and chrome, Configure the router with wifi on and off, etc.),.. Thank you, a hug, Renato.

  40. Good morning, Adriano. Congratulations on your site! I bought one of these and arrived yesterday. The appliance is very easy to configure. Work of first, but the problem is that decreased very middle of network speed (I can't watch movies online with him for example and in the original's quiet) and sometimes also.

    It would be the problem of the channel that you cited? I saw that there are some more advanced settings but as I don't know much I didn't try to change.

    Thank you.

    • That's why, is a bad idea to use a network on the same channel to repeat another. Try putting in 802., that might improve a little. Don't let the two networks with the same name as it gives more problem still.

  41. I have one of these and I'm having the following problem. When configured as described in the manual. Registering the IP etc…I can't access the internet on my PC, connected via cable in the main router. How do I pair my PC that continue with the normal cable connection and use this only for Repeater….? Grateful.

    • I don't get why you lost your internet connection with PC. After you configure the Repeater, disconnect the PC from the repeat cycle the router as it was before.

      • I've done this brother. And solved the problem by activating WDS in the MAC address of router Repeater. I found a topic teaching. Solved. Thank you.

      • Click property on the sign below, ip Protocol and put in automatico

  42. OLA, I have one of these at home to repeat the wifi using a friend,but I don't know if I set it right,before when connected into an outlet and the note was the two green lights now so is the lan wireless not, This is normal, and how should I configure ?

    • I think it is not normal. Check the settings again. It might be a good idea to give a general reset the Repeater, within the settings.

    • I'm thinking of buying another router even, but I think you'd better buy a with ADSL to be less connected equipment here at home. I would also like two WiFi antennas to improve signal distribution.

  43. He works as a client sending the signal received by cable?

  44. Hello! I also bought this appliance. For me, There's a little inconvenience: the fact of having to be manually modifying the network, Depending on where I'm at. How do I use the iPad, this maneuver is repeated many times. It would be really nice if there was a way to program the device to “get” always the stronger signal, automatically.

    Something else, my device works, However is with only one of the green lights lit and, yet, flashing. Are you missing something in the configuration?

    Grateful for the information!

    • Adriano

      All my Android devices do that, take the network with strongest signal and connect. However if they are connected to the network more weak they won't disconnect.

      If I turn my android tablet in the room, for example, It connects in the Repeater, If I turn in the room he connects on the router. But if I turn the room and bring it to the living room he is connected to the same router.

      The lamps are like that, a power, a flashing (WiFi) and one for the Ethernet (It should be deleted because it should not have cable connected).

    • There's no way even, better to put only a network configured and leave in a place where you take this network with sure.

    • I configured this device the same SSID and password fixed router.
      So the signal is automatically detected when you turn on this unit. And when I turn it off, the signal from the router fixed automatically returns also.

      • I've done that too and sometimes works, but sometimes it works problem. I'd rather put other SSID, How do I choose the best to connect on my tablet or mobile phone.

  45. I am not able to open the page as gaço, can you help me?

    • Adriano

      Turn off your router or ADSL modem, and puts the WiFi Repeater directly on your computer via Ethernet cable. Put your IP to fixed on the computer, something like Now type in the browser. Configures what you need and shuts it down, All League again and puts your computer for non-fixed ip. Should work…

    • You have to call directly on the computer, is that what you're doing?

      • Elmar Bansal

        I'm having the same problem, you have how to help?

        • Place right on your computer, do not connect via router.

          • After connecting straight to the computer find out what gateway address by typing in CMD “ipconfig”. Then get this gateway address, and then type in the browser. Should work.

      • I'm also with the msm problem. The lights are all lit, but when I go to configure it at the part where I have to put the username and password, an error message appears (user name or password error!) Thank you in advance and I am awaiting his return.

    • It's usually…

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