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Motorola Bluetooth headset

In this I got screwed. I bought this stereo A2DP Bluetooth headset that lets you listen to, without wires, songs on your mobile. Original Motorola and had everything seemed to work right.

To my surprise, the sound quality is worse than non-branded Bluetooth headphones. Sometimes lose the connection and still have a huge delay if you want to use on the PC to watch videos or play.

The Focalprice website, where I bought this product, Pinky swear that the phone is unique. If then is faulty.

Although it doesn't work, the phone has clearly superior build quality. The plastic part is quite good and the usage is very comfortable. Both sides have the Motorola.

On the right side there are two media controls that work normally. If you use to answer calls on your cell phone won't notice the really bad audio quality.

The headphones fit very well in my ears. At least that the quality is good.

Some of the shortcomings of this phone are problematic features to all Bluetooth, but that doesn't justify the bad audio quality. Tested on PC, in Tablet and in a cell phone, proving that it's not a problem of transmission. If this phone is Motorola is a shame, If not then I was wrong!

This product gave so many problems that I can't find any more in any of the Chinese sites. So I leave here the link to the i91 which is very good, Although no famous brand:

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  1. Putz I bought this guy for a while, in order to play PS3 without disturbing the sleeping family… If I so much as laid his head against the wall lost the sound… Very bad…

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