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Holder and dispenser of toothbrushes the Minion

I bought this holder and dispenser of toothpaste from the minion for my son and he loved it.


Inside the box we have the minion, a glass and a wall holder.


There's the minion. The brushes are placed on the fingers of the doll and the toothpaste on top.


Inside the mouth of the minion is where to get toothpaste.


The glass, the bottom part of the minion, has a magnet to stay connected to the upper part of the body.


This is the wall bracket. Is a sucker with a little glue. Looks great stuck, but I don't know if it's possible to move to another location once installed.


There's the doll all mounted.


The minion fits into the holder on the back.


How to install: remove the red part and paste on the wall.


Place the minion in the holder and put the toothpaste, without the lid obviously, straight to the head of the dummy. The folder will come out through your mouth.

See the video I made about the product:


Although the folder sometimes don't leave, and sometimes too skirt, It is certainly very interesting for children to learn about brushing. Find your dentist! I leave the link to the product:

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