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Glucose Meter OneTouch UltraMini

I bought this meter OneTouch glucose of Johnson & Johnson to take a look at the blood sugar, the famous diabetes. My glucose is a little high, I will consult a doctor.


Inside the box we have various manuals, the meter, punch, drilling and strips lancets for blood glucose reading.


Also a small bag to take on a trip. For diabetics readings should be taken daily.


There are in the bag. It's kind of hard to close.


There is a strip of reading. One side has the part where is the blood and the other electric contacts.


First you fit the cartoon-o-meter, check the code (in my case 25) to make sure that the meter is also with this code.


Then you punch your finger. For that, This drill should be mounted with one of the next sterile lancets. There are a number of adjusting the drilling depth, of 1 to 10.


Below the Lancet in detail. They come with this small disk (with L) to protect the spear, You must remove to put in punch.


After the perfed toe, a small ball of blood will be required to take the exam.


The ball will be absorbed by the comic strip by lays a finger. The result leaves in 5 seconds.


Watch the video I made showing the measurement process:

I liked the equipment and also measure speed. It wasn't expensive and the strips and Lancets are additional cheap. Recommended!

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