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Energy saving tips from TudoVemdaChina

Your electricity bill is high? Mine too was!

If you watch the papers of the Globe certainly has received a lot of information about how to save light, right? Unfortunately, If anyone following these ideas will end up with an account yet more expensive or abstaining from using something that nothing influences in the account at the end of the month.

As an electrical engineer I am is readily apparent the absurd cluelessness and preparing journalists, they publish only courgettes. I would like to share with you the experience of downloading my account in more than 30%, with the note of small details and habits of everyday life: refrigerator thermostat, switching fluorescent lamps and incandescent LED, place sensors and hibernate automatically computers.

Simple, No? Watch the video below and read the text that follows:

Come on! First, forget the microwave. You can leave it plugged in with the clock showing the time, as below. No problem at all, because no relevant influence on account. This is one of the nonsense of the Globe! Microwave only consumes when it is connected, and if you use just a few minutes a day will weigh on consumption!


Now we're going to tip that really matters: If you don't get home much and your refrigerator is not often being open, reduce thermostat to the minimum. This Yes, can save a lot! Watch only if you have a lot of stuff in the fridge, or opens too, because some items in the door can ruin. It is not my case.

You can buy a refrigerator thermometer to check what is the best point of the thermostat. The temperature for the conservation of food in the fridge is usually 8 degrees. For me, the best is the least even.


How about installing a presence sensor? There are several places of passage where the light gets lit. In my case, the kitchen and the living room are the problem. With the presence sensor, the light turns on when someone passes and turns off after a few minutes. Nobody forgets connected and saves energy.


Change light bulbs (the old yellow) and fluorescent LED light bulbs is a good idea. It is also nice to use one of these adapters 1-2 E27 in case of LED lamp not be bright enough. Below, two 7W LED lamps were placed on the site of a 20W. Got a lot clearer and still saves energy!


But it is not always necessary lighting equivalence. In the spot of bathroom, for example, I swapped a 15W fluorescent lamp for a 1W LED. It's not the same lighting, But what I realized is that the location is enough!

This is one of the lamps that I usually forget connected. If that happens, spend only 1W!


And if you keep forgetting the lamp connected, in corridors for example, a LED lamp with built-in presence sensor is a great option.


Lamps LED work best in spots, because they are generally directional.


Another great tip for those who lives forgetting to turn off the computer's automatic hibernation. Windows works 7 on. First click “Control Panel”.


In the control panel to access the “power options”.


Inside the power options, Click “change plan settings”.


Let it be the image: “Turn off the video in 15 minutes and never suspend the activity”. Let's enable hibernation, no suspension. For that, Click “change advanced settings”.


And under Advanced settings click “hibernate after 30 minutes”.


Be sure to enable the option “Allow the computer to go into suspension when sharing media”, in “Multimedia settings”. After that I enabled this option the computer shuts down every time.


In addition to the tips shown here, It's always to decrease the time of electric shower bath, avoid air conditioning when possible and turn off fans when not using. These small changes made to my Bill dropped 30% compared to the same month last year. I'm laughing at people who complain of high account and get microwave, televisions and other equipment from the outlet thinking that they spend a lot on standby.

The media helps to spread wrong information, but the TudoVemdaChina is here to help! Let's save, staff!

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Professor, Engineer and buyer of products crazy China.


  1. I compared the Bill to a month and the subsequent, with notorious difference just the electronics connected or not taking. A very sensitive difference of some 10% on consumption.

    Just in case, leave disconnected – What helps prevent if you have a power surge.

    • Adriano

      This is possible, Leandro. Actually, by my calculations, in an account of 200KWh (that is low, something close to 160 real), 10 to 15 equipment in standy-by 24h/dia may 10% of the account.

      To this occurs in an account of 400KWh, the number of equipment would have to be high. Logical, There are equipment that consume, in standby, more than they should. Error from the manufacturer. Standby consumption should be less than 1W.

      In other words, It's a good idea to turn off equipment that you do not use almost never. But in making equipment on and off all day doesn't sound like a good idea in economics.

  2. Great post. Of great help.
    Always balel type tips”take the microwave oven from the outlet”.
    As suggestion, considering his vast knowledge on the subject, could you post the equivalents between fluorescent and led bulbs; lumens, color temperature, etc. It would be very helpful to laypeople like me to replace the light bulbs from home.

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