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Led lamp, rechargeable folding table

Sometimes I need to do some work and the lighting in my room is terrible. So I bought this small rechargeable lamp folding and solve the problem! It comes with this symbol of Apple, although in the original description on the site not ...

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outlet adapter travel

If you will travel to France, Germany, Italy, US or elsewhere, their equipment may not work simply because they do not enter the outlet. This small adapter promises to connect your mobile charger to the AC over 140 countries! ...

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Electric Sweeper Swivel Sweeper

My rechargeable vacuum cleaner burned once and I decided to test this electric broom before deciding to buy another. Works, but it is not a wonder. It comes with manual and everything. The best part is that the battery is rechargeable and removable. ...

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2U 8W Led lamps 32 LEDs 780 lumens

I bought these two 8W LED lamps for about five dollars each. Worked great. Really liked it, the format is similar to the glass fluorescent lamps. There are two lamps. The glass is frosted! Both lamps work ...

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