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Oscilloscope DSO-2090 USB Hantek

The oscilloscope is an equipment that shows an electrical signal variations over time. Very useful in maintenance and development of electronic projects. However, the cost is still too high. This, below, is a more accessible version that uses the PC as the screen via USB. Below the PC oscilloscope DSO-2090 Hantek.


It costs something around 900 real and comes with two end pieces of good quality, a USB cable to connect to PC, a manual, an installation CD and the equipment itself with entries.


The tips are very good. A tip that alone should cost more than 100 real. Are of great quality.


There's the equipment that you will use to sign in with signs up to 40 MHz. The band of this oscilloscope is sufficient for audio, data and even something with radio frequency.


The equipment must be supplied with a USB-A cable on one side and two USB-B the other (that comes in the kit). A USB-B is plugged in and the other on the PC.


On the back of the equipment we have the USB input and the two adjustment connectors. One of them is mass and the other is a signal of 1 kHz 2VPP.


Below the software already installed monitoring the signal of 1 kHz calibration.


I found a little noisy signal monitor, but most digital Oscilloscopes that happens. Worth the price, for sure, because 900 real no one will find something better. I leave below link to buy the product:

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