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Do it yourself (DIY)

Didactic Kit for induction heating

When I saw this kit very cheap on the site induction heating DealExtreme bought time. Very interesting! It comes with the assembled circuit and this coil really well made. If you put something metallic inside the coil, the induced current ...

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Oscilloscope DSO-2090 USB Hantek

The oscilloscope is an equipment that shows an electrical signal variations over time. Very useful in maintenance and development of electronic projects. However, the cost is still too high. This, below, is a more accessible version ...

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I2C module LCD to Arduino

The most annoying of the projects with Arduino and LCD is the number of threads, because they are needed 4 for the data, two for control, two for power and two more for a pot. This I2C module with display ...

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USB current and voltage meter

Your tablet or mobile phone is really loading as it should? The source, the cable or even the device may be the problem. You can discover the defect using a USB current and voltage meter like this one below, that's pretty cheap ...

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