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New Chinese store remote control toys –

I found this month a new very interesting Chinese shop. It's called The store is simply specializes in any type of radio control toy: drones, helicopters, planes, shopping carts, robots and also some kits. Very cool.

I contacted the store and they sent me a document saying that are based in Shenzhen, where they have a huge warehouse with all kinds of radio control products. The business is reliable! Received including the microsoft cooperation on some projects.


For those interested in buying small drones, This below, the cute tiny flying warrior, is leaving for only $15.99. I have a, are difficult to ride, and entertaining.


This cart Q2 JJRC below goes for $27 and has rechargeable battery in the control and in the car. It also has suspension and everything! For less than 100 real! Guarantee fun!


Never had the courage to buy a remote control plane, but for only $30 I think that this will change. This wltoys f949 flies up 200 meters and has control with display and all. Fantastic!


But my first purchase will be the K1 robot Le Neng Toys. He throws darts, plays music, is programmable, dance, come on, has remote control and a few other functions that I can't believe are true. Check out the number of buttons on the control! I'm going to buy to test!


Drones to take Selfie, portable drones, foldable, with WiFi and control via smartphone. All for something around 30 to 50 U.S. dollars. A crazy!


And all with free shipping. In this way, It's hard to stop being a child! Let's go shopping! I leave below link to the shop:

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Professor, Engineer and buyer of products crazy China.


  1. Antonio Carlos Moscon

    Boa tarde Adriano, fiz uma compra na semana passada com eles e na sequencia me mandaram um numero de rastreio, mas o mesmo não é encontrado em nenhum site de pesquisa de entregas , nem mesmo no track17 que foi o recomendado por eles. o mais estranho é que o final do numero de rastreio que vem com as letras do pais de envio, veio com CH que é o código da Suíça!!!!!
    Mandei 2 emails pedindo para que fosse verificadoras não obtive nenhuma resposta!!!
    Vc Tem alguma sugestão de como devo proceder?

    • Adriano

      Se depois de um mês continuar sem rastreamento, entre em contato com eles ou abra reclamação junto ao PayPal, se você pagou desta forma. CH é china mesmo

    • Olá estou com o mesmo problema do Antonio Carlos, mas só faz uns 15 dias que comprei. Será que ele conseguiu resolver ?

      • Not yet. Mandei um email para eles e me enviaram um outro site de rastreio onde consta o número mas o status não muda já faz 1 semana. Falando que está no processo de liberação alfandegária!!
        Já estou ficando preocupado.

  2. Josiani Steinhauser Keys

    Hi Adriano, Can you tell me if it's taxed delivery, and it takes a lot to come? As the site says it takes 3-6, and says nothing rates. Can you help me?

    • Adriano

      Toda encomenda da China demora entre 2 to 3 months to get. Pode ser taxado, mas geralmente brinquedos e coisas leves passam direto.

  3. Carlos Eduardo

    I wonder if parcelam credit card.

  4. Mauricio Javier De Leon

    And Adriano which the moment tv Shipping method is DHL EMS China post? Vc received on how long? Was taxed? I've been asking for them what was the form of sending and said they sent through such a ZBD never heard u know something of the form of sending them

  5. Washyngton Rodrigues

    Thanks ADRIANO MOUTINHO very grateful for your cooperation in allocate their time to inform us. Very've been reading articles about Chinese products and other countries as well. I see that unfortunately our guys play here in the country are well outside baratinhos. It is worth paying 60% import rate is still business. Hugs and thanks again.

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