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Didactic Kit for induction heating

When I saw this induction heating Kit cheap DealExtreme bought time on the site. Very interesting!


It comes with the assembled circuit and this coil really well made. If you put something metallic inside the coil, the induced current in the object generates heat.


The circuit has a DC input from 5 up to 12V.


And the output for coil, which is made by outputs 1 and 3 the blue connector pictured below:


Too bad my 1.5 the source failed to feed the device. I think he needs more current, Although there's no indication of how much. The source was adjusted to 18V, drops to 6.4 with load and if you put the screwdriver inside the coil drops to 3V.


Heated up well the screwdriver, but wasn't hot as I expected. Who knows with a source more parruda? I leave the link to the product:

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