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OnePlus Two – Maybe the best Chinese phone!

My ever vigilant informants in China they sent me the photo below, the new phone of the manufacturer OnePlus. Maybe the best Chinese phone! I currently have the model known as One, and I don't know if I want to change no, because it is very good! Everything works perfectly and very fast.

But when I saw the specifications of Two model, I was thinking of giving me a new gift! If you have interest, enjoy the promotion of EverBuying with the coupon ONEPLUS64 for the version 64 and ONEPLUS16 for the version 16.


Too bad it's still expensive, about of 390 U.S. dollars. Logical, because it is a pre-release to the public entirely top-top consumer of Chinese phones. The quality is do the phones from Apple and Samsung.


Comes with one cable that can dock anyway, and with the fast charging. This was missing in the model One.


All the fantastic features of the model One and to top it off with best processor, display best, best camera and GPU. Even comes with the fingerprint reader on the bottom button. Only the Samsung S6 flies in the face!


Go to specifications:

CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64bit Octa Core 2 GHz
RAM/ROM RAM 3 g (There are versions of 4 g) and 16 GB (or 64 GB)
GPU GPU: Adreno 430
DISPLAY Corning Gorilla Glass III, 5.5inch, 1920 x 1080 FHD screen pixel
Cameras 5M pixels front and 13 m pixels ass
Radio 2G/3 g/4 g all frequencies of Brazil
The Android 5.0 Lollipop
Bluetooth/WiFi/GPS Yes
Battery 3300mAh


The only bad part of the phone is same price. But whereas he rivals the phone numbers 2000 real, so worth the investment. He can download for a USD300 after launch.


All the interface, the Android 5.0, is modifiable via theme.


There's a side button to choose the notifications you want to use.


Below, in details, CPU specifications.


The future has kill donkey! You can connect the charging cable in any direction.


Improved the display also, to contrast of 1500:1. Make a difference in games and videos.


Camera details, with f/2.0, It improves the focus, and dual led flash.


The camera App makes even time lapse. Goodbye GoPro?


Below details about customization.


More details of the phone:


Looks a bit like the Samsung.


Oh, and we got Dual 4 g Micro SIM!


Take a look at the video that I found about him on youtube:

Fantastic phone! When I bought the One model I didn't realize at the time how good it was! It's the first time I got a cell phone for more than six months without complaining of nothing! Nothing let to run or be slow or no space. This Two has even better specifications! I don't know if I'm going to wait to download or buy yet. Who knows someone gives me a discount? I leave below the links to the EverBuying store, one of my Chinese informants. If you have interest, enjoy the promotion of EverBuying with the coupon ONEPLUS64 for the version 64 and ONEPLUS16 for the version 16.

3G 16 g RAM/ROM –

4G 64 g RAM/ROM –

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