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Digital clock kit “do it yourself” DIY (WITH VIDEO)

I always say to my students that there are cheap kits to assemble and learn electronics. This is one of them! It is a digital watch with box and large display for you even to weld and assemble!


Comes with the acrylic box unmounted (right) and with the components (left).


There are the components:


And the little box:


The coolest of the components is the seven-segment display large.


There are all the components. The plate, the CPU IC RTC, a power cable, the printed circuit board, four seven-segment displays and a bunch of resistors, transistors and other.


The Board is of good quality and double-sided. On one side we have the display and other components. There is solder mask.


There is the CPU and RTC.


You can choose the display color. I chose red.


These are the parts that mount the acrylic box where is the clock.


Below the box mounted. Looks like cardboard, but is acrylic with a protective adhesive. Once removed the canister is transparent adhesive.


There are the Assembly instructions, Although fully in Chinese. It also has the circuit, If any questions.


The transistors that comes in the package's package equal to the BC548 although the pinout would be contrary (collector and emitter exchanged), What left a certain doubt. But I ended up checking the pins and clipping as sent the same layout. The resistors shown for display are 330 Ω came 510 Ω, but it wasn't a problem.

After a long time I finally put together and it worked!


Below the time lapse video of Assembly

Who want to buy the Kit, It is quite recommended. Easy to assemble, beautiful and even useful! Guaranteed fun for anyone who likes electronics!

BLUE Version –

Red Version –

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  1. Hello, I bought a kit of those I set up everything as described in the schema, but hours pass much faster but fast even a day passes and 20 minutes keep passing minutes seem seconds what can I do

  2. good day how do I have a digital clock Kit "do it yourself in white and blue and the value I'm from santo andre sao paulo abc THANKS

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