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Diopter glasses with led lighting

Then I used a pair of glasses to fix a plate of a tablet, I decided to buy three of them to see if they also served. In the site buyincoins found glasses since 1.0 until 3.0 with led lighting, What's even better for my repairs. It also has many other types in DealExtreme.


I bought 3 glasses: a 1.0, a 2.0 and a 3.0. They are strong and the lens is very transparent and uniform.


Below the glasses 3.0 lit.


There is a small key, a little fragile, to switch the leds on each side.


Open the compartment is easy, but the exchange of the batteries will be wrapped because the metal that surrounds it is soldier.


A good product, that will certainly help in my repairs. I leave below link to the BuyinCoins and to the DealExtreme:

Glasses in DealExtreme –
1.0 –
2.0 –
3.0 –

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