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Adapters and extenders E27 bulb for

Who buys in China knows very well that the default socket name is called lamp E27. In other words, lamps or devices that can be plugged straight into the crevice nozzle lamp is E27 on description or in specifications. Below we have two products for socket E27, a 9 cm bulb Extender and a nozzle 2 for 1.


The Extender is useful if you have some place where the lamp get too into the nozzle. Led light bulbs are sometimes so small that don't come to the edge of the spot.


This below is the adapter 2 for 1. Interesting if you want to put two bulbs in just a mouthpiece.


Below the adapter 2 for 1 installed in a socket E27 of fan. Careful not to put your finger in the socket when you are installing!


Now with the two lamps.


The Extender nozzle puts the lamp 9 cm out of the nozzle. Good for led lamps.


Below the lamp plugged into Extender.


The material of the Extender is slightly lower than. I wouldn't call any large lamp in it. Already the nozzle 2 for 1 seems to be a little better, but still, whereas the metal part of contact is very small and fragile, doesn't seem suitable for larger current lamps. Led lamps look perfect. I leave below the link for both products:

Nozzle 2 for 1 –
9 cm Extender –

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  1. Here's a term that I don't hear and/or speak for a long time, lamp socket. Since I changed all the bulbs for fluorescent, me esqueci de tudo relacionado 😀

    “Careful not to put your finger in the socket when you are installing!” hahaha

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