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V719 wave 3 g tablet 7 inches with GPS

I bought this Tablet V719 Wave 3 g Quad Core, which also has dual core version, for use in my car. My old tablet with GPS burned, the Freelander ap20, so I had to replace it. Thought about buying a with 4 g, but I found this with 3 g for great price.

Wave tablets are usually very good and have great support from the manufacturer for updates. See other tablets Wave in DealExtreme.


The tablet is smaller than most that have 7 inches. I think the idea was to use as phone, but that is too big.


Comes with the tablet, a manual, a warranty certificate and a microUSB cable.


The store sent an AC adapter but not original Wave. It seems that doesn't come with a source, It was toast the store.


Here is the tablet. Half a copy of small devices Samsung or Apple.


On the left side we have the output to speaker and micro USB.


At the top we have the power and volume button.


On the back of the speaker, that is very good, and the rear camera, that's too bad.


To put the SIM card should remove the cover where the camera. Actually, the tablet is a DualSIM. I put just a Live operator card, a 4 g modem plan that works on 3 g devices and goes to 6 GB per month. At the top we have the entrance to micro SD card.


There's the tablet with the interface called Wave. Looks very GoLauncherEx app. There are a lot of Chinese applications installed, but you can remove or disable them without problems. That's what I did.


The status bar is at the top and the navigation bar at the bottom. The tablet has Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi and GPS.


The Setup screen is Android's default.


Android is the 4.2.2. Shame I don't have updates!


As you can see in the top right icon, There are 3 g network connection. Pity that the icons are too small.


There is a dialer system to be used as regular phone. I can't use my modem chip.


A nice surprise was the possibility of applying root permissions using an App called Framaroot. Just click Barahir, whatever that means, and you will have root after a reboot.


Chinese applications bother some, but are easily removed.


To remove some applications you must go to settings, applications, Click on the app you want to remove, and then click Disable.


Full support to Google Play Store.


Netflix also works perfectly.


The Score gives AnTuTu 17778, which is pretty reasonable for a cheap tablet.


The processor is a Quad-Core MTK8382 1.3 GHz with 1 GB of RAM. The screen resolution is low, only 1024×800, but you can use in the car without problems.


More information about the hardware below:


The camera, both front rear are terrible. That I expected, tablets with good cameras are very hard to find in china.


Great tablet, Although it seems a little fragile. The battery is a little weak, but for use in the car where you're always carrying couldn't find a problem. About the battery, I discovered that the wave Launcher spends an absurd amount of battery, and I solved it by installing another Home Launcher that does not occupy both the CPU.

The GPS works, Although not as well as in the SnapDragon-powered devices. There is support for AGPS and EPO, then the GPS fix is fast. Sometimes the signal falls without any reason, but for a CPU MTK, I usually have problems with GPS signal, I think it's reasonable. Still not great, but it was acceptable.

In the end I think this is a great buy for a tablet below 90 U.S. dollars. I leave the link to the product on the Dual Core and Quad Core versions:

Dual Core – g-7-0-4-2-android dual-core-tablet-pc-w-512 MB-8 GB ram-rom-camera-white-281,285

Quad Core –

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  1. Djalma Ribeiro

    How long did it take?

  2. Adriano, does this Framaroot works in V702 Wave? QRO end to remove the Chinese apps.

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