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New batteries 18650 and 14500

A few years ago I found batteries similar to conventional ones, primarily for cree flashlights. I show here these new batteries 18650 and 14500.
The 18650 is a huge battery with 3.2V and generally from 2Ah to 5Ah. They are made of Li-ion as well as cellphone batteries, However with more power. Below I show this battery 18650 in your charger.
The 14500 is a battery with the exact size of the AA, What worries me a little. As the operating voltage is V 3.2, If a user unknowingly fits, for example, four of these batteries in a common device, supply voltage will raise from 6V to 12.8 V, can even reach 16V 14500 if the batteries are well charged. It is likely to burn anything. Check the 14500 below. It can be loaded in the same charger as the previous one.
The charger is much cheaper and charges AAA batteries, AA, 14500, 18650 and other intermediaries sizes. There is a spring at the bottom that adjusts the position of the negative connector to withstand any cell size.

It also can charge rechargeable 9V batteries , But I do not recommend because they are all crap.

The main goal of these 3.2V batteries is to use in Cree flashlights . Although some smarter chinese manufacturers are using these batteries in another devices. The Li-ion battery has a better power-weight ratio than Ni-MH or Ni-Cd, with only the problem of the high voltage. Check the 18650 details.
Again the 14500, that has the same size as conventional AA, also known in Brasil as small battery.

Bellow, a photo showing a AAA battery (stick as know in Brasil), AA (small), 14500 and 18650. From top to bottom

I leave below the links to the batteries 14500, 18650 and the charger. Be careful not to let the 14500 scattered on the table! Someone could eventually put them on a clock, radio, camera or any other place where AA battery is used.

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  1. Good morning, exixte algum tipo de bateria que substitua aquele suporte Da Bateria de plástico para 3 unidades de pilhas AAA Para Lanterna Tatica de comprimento: 52mm e diâmetro: 22mm.

  2. What is the charging time for battery 14500 8800mAh 4.2v e 18650 8800mAh 3.7v?

  3. Good afternoon,I use an electronic narguilhe,and in case the original was nk 18650 8800mAh 3,7 in,and she burned(does not accept charge) from there I want to know if I can change by a nk 18650 6800mAh 4,2 in. the unit turns on but in the event does not trigger the internal resistance.
    This issue in the case was the battery? is there any way “Relive” the old?
    Since I already,I am grateful for the attention of the Group

  4. Friend, I have two batteries 14500 but aren't exactly the same size of AA batteries. The 14500 are a few millimeters larger, What prevents the use in some lçanternas where fit the AA with accuracy.
    That's right?

  5. Gilberto pereira nunes

    Friend, I bought one of these tactics-type Lantern, uses battery (02) two XL 18650 6800 mAh 3.7 V, I used the light not be discharged pus to load, charged in the charger that comes with the flashlight, they stayed for more than 14 hours and put on the flashlight and even the sign, you know what could have happened, also I would like to know how they are placed in the Lantern. Thank you

  6. Philip J. C.

    Hi I have a doubt. I bought a laser that uses 1 battery 18650 4000dc mAh:3.0~ 3.7
    By mistake I ordered batteries 18650 8800mAh 4.2 V. For use in this laser.
    This battery would burn the laser or leave him stronger. And if I buy only new batteries of 4000mAh, She could be varregada np 8000mAh charger?

  7. First, don't laugh at me if I'm talking nonsense. I don't know anything about batteries.
    I bought one of these batteries 14500 just by having a higher voltage, 3,2in.
    I want to use on a toy. Because, I discovered that when the stack searching ta new toys work best because you're with a stack of 1, 5v, and over use this index falls, why the battery is getting weak. I found out that this rechargeable batteries tbm index doesn't fall, is always 1, 5v until the load. Dai joined my button and I thought: so I'm going to buy a rechargeable battery with this v. Dai bought these from 3 .2V.
    Has this problem? Will burn? And if instead of by the two, I just put a dessasddessas of 3 .2V, solves?
    Thank you for your attention.

    • Can burn or run the wrong way. For example, If the toy works with 2 batteries, the tension (voltage) is 1,5+1,5 = 3V. Never use higher voltage batteries! If you fit two stacks 14500 end voltage of 3.7 3.7 = 7.4 V (the stack 14500 have 3.7 V voltage and not 3.2 as you mentioned). It can burn the toy!

      Oh! Common rechargeable batteries have 1.2 V voltage…

      A solution to use the 14500 in place of common batteries is to place a stack and other “dummy” of 0V, Here the total is 3.7 V. I have piles “dummy” here at home to test it, publish as soon as possible.

  8. Alexandre marques

    OLA, I have a led flashlight that comes in the box indicating 20,000 w and 56.000 lumens. The flashlight is small and only uses a rechargeable battery 14500 of 3 .7V 2400mah and. In maxima power it lasts little more than 1 time. With this durability I believe that she has in fact something around 7 Watts of power. I'm with the intent to machine the inside of the flashlight to place a battery of the same voltage but with higher amperage for a still greater use. Run the risk of burning the led?

    • Putz! 20KW and 56 k Lumens? Is a laser Saber, a Jedi's weapon?

      All kidding aside, 7~ 8W also seems very. So even if you believe that is true information 2400mAh, because usually these 14500 are 200 the 300mAh.

      You can try to buy a battery 14500 best, but I don't see how she's much better. Run the risk of burning the led from overheating.

      I suggest to buy a flashlight with pile 18650 (like this here:

  9. Hello I bought two batteries together with a flashlight tactics I used both, Dai a when was weak I used another dai put the two to carry and always stay for a long time in the charger and never even getting a green light for more than 5 hours and then when I put the flashlight she comes on strong but then stays weak , does the charger ta carrying them? I have to know? or will the two are already defective? I wonder if I can load with another type MOU made the phone loaded?

    • I don't think I. Need special charger for these batteries, are not rechargeable with charger for AA batteries.

      • You would indicate some form of test my battery to see if it is working well or if the defect is of the charger?

        • No, These batteries should only be charged with own charger!

          • If I use a cell phone charger connected directly to the battery poles , I wonder if I could load them ? because I think my loaded does not work well because I bought the batteries left a little in the carregdor and he never changed color or indicated that it was charging and only stayed with red light on

          • Yes. Should work. Check that the battery pack has overload protection and, When in doubt, Don't let carrying more than 12:00.

  10. Adrianomm, You can load these batteries 14500 those normal Chargers? I have a Sony charger with digital Panel and didn't want to get rid of the bug…I bought “outside”, for years, and reliability is absolute. Could you use this charger to charge batteries 14500? So I would spend only with them (batteries 14500) and not with another charger…Can you tell? You've done the test? If you haven't done, could do it and post your impressions? Hugs

    • It is possible that Yes, but it is more likely than not. As the voltage is different, the charger will not know when you finish the load! It has to be a specific charger to it…

  11. It is true that these batteries if they are completely without charge can no longer be loaded?

    • Theoretically yes, Although usually there are overload and low load circuits that should prevent the misuse.

      • I have 3 (little time) that do not carry more, is there anything that can be done? Thank you!

        • You can try to upload with a fountain and an ammeter in series to see if it is charging. All of a sudden, leaving load for too long can be that working again.

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