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Led bulb into strips

I bought this lamp into strips to make a lighting in my kitchen. It works at 12V. Are 50 cm with 36 smd LEDs. About 7W with 400 to 500 lumens. Is not, not by a long shot, enough to replace a light bulb ...

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Lamp with sensor of presence

My kitchen sink is badly lit because there is a piece of furniture that is close to the lamp. For that I bought these LED lamps. Arrested the Cabinet above the sink with double sided tape. He comes up with the tape, but ...

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New batteries 18650 and 14500

A few years ago I found batteries similar to conventional ones, primarily for cree flashlights. I show here these new batteries 18650 and 14500. The 18650 is a huge battery with 3.2V and generally from 2Ah to 5Ah. Are Li-ion ...

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