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Waterproof cover for mobile phones

Want to put your cell phone in water? Then you've come to the right place! This waterproof cover is a great option to take photos in the pool or in the kitchen sink. I tested it and it worked!
Logical to test I used a old phone that I had. Don't trust Chinese product. I took some photos with the camera phone and I made a video in the sink. Guaranteed fun on vacation.
There is a handle on top to hold the cover. I think serves to you pull the phone from the water or from somewhere else. I found kind of weird, but until that is useful.
To put the phone inside the cover there are two latches that close completely the container. Something like those ziplocs for freezing food.
It was originally made for Iphone, but serves on any phone not too big. I think even 4 -inch screen works perfectly. If someone wants to lend me his Samsung Galaxy S3 to test the water let me know.
Worked great. The phone was dry and protected within the cover even under my kitchen sink by almost 1 hour. I think it will work in a not-too-deep pool without problems, but nothing guaranteed.
I did a video review interesting. It's one of my first in English. So see you later alligator.
I leave here the link to buy the product on Dealextreme site.

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