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USB wireless Mini keyboard with trackball mouse

Wanted to buy a mini keyboard for use on tablets, and presentations. Found this on DXoffers's website.
Has a small trackball mouse, almost all keys of a conventional keyboard and even a laser pointer. There is also a small location to place the USB adapter when you are not using.
Bluetooth is not, is specific HID, IE, works only with the proper adapter. Tested it on two PCs and a tablet that had USB, worked normally without need of drivers.
The laser is powerful. As it is rechargeable there is no need to worry about batteries, lasts a long time, until today I just had to reload a few times.
Look at the detail of the trackball mouse: the upper buttons are the mouse left and right and below are the windows menus. It also has a set of arrow keys similar to a conventional keyboard.
When the mini keyboard is connected there is a blue led indicating the operation. It also has some multimedia keys to increase or decrease the volume and give play or pause in videos and music.

See, details, the USB adapter that comes on the keyboard.

Here I leave the links to this keyboard I bought, with trackball, and also for the version with trackpad. All of the site Dealextreme.

With trackball:

With trackpad:

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