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MK808B Dual Core Android 4.1 Google TV Player

I was a little disappointed with my other Android device for TV, the CX-01, for being a bit slow especially with games and videos in HD. That motivated me to buy this one in DealExtreme, practically for the same price, but with better settings.

For those who do not read the text on the CX-01 and I've never seen an android TV box, This is a device that must be connected to the HDMI input of the TV and allows you to transform your LCD screen in a fully functional Android. In other words, do any TV turn Smart with ability to run games, access the youtube, Email or Facebook.

Unlike the CX-01, the MK808B shown in the photo below is slightly larger than a USB key, Although rather small.

On the back we have two connectors: a USB to put a mouse and keyboard, preferably without wires, and the power input to the source that accompanies the appliance.

On the other side of the device a mini-HDMI connector, that connects to HDMI to your TV through a cable that comes with the product.

An advantage in relation to the CX-01 is the memory card shown below.

There is also a USB OTG connector that allows you to connect Flash drives, keyboards and even cameras. For this you must use a USB OTG cable which also comes with the product.

Below we have the three cables that come in the package: one for the source, a USB OTG and an HDMI connector-miniHDMI.

The source is from 2A, It seems to me quite exaggerated. Is the source of greatest power with USB output I've ever seen.

There is also a manual, which although not very useful, Describes the features of the MK808B. Who is accustomed to buying in China should even find strange find manual with something correct writing.

To connect the MK808B to your TV you should use the HDMI connector-miniHDMI, as shown in the picture below. After that call the source and Android will start the boot. A shame not to have an on-off switch in MK808B, Let an Android called forever is not recommended.

A blue led indicates that the MK808B is connected.

The boot is pretty fast, characteristic of Androids Jelly Bean. I've installed a lot of programs on my, but the first boot has only the row of icons below.

A great advantage of MK808B is that the WiFi hardware is supported, Bluetooth and even Ethernet (only software) via cable. Not have the faintest idea of how to put to work.

To use the Android on the screen of your TV, you must connect a mouse. In my case I called a set wireless mouse/keyboard that uses only a receiver. Everything worked normally. Below we have the options screen where you can change the resolution. I left mine in 1080 p.

Below the screen resolutions available.

In MK808B there are 4 GB of memory available for use. Much better than the CX-01 It only has 1 GB really usable.

Below the proof that this is a device that uses the Android Jelly Bean: one of the newest versions of Google's operating system.

Look how it looks great “Jujube” the Android on my TV 40 inches!

This is an Android as well as on a tablet or mobile phone. Below the status bar.

Google Play works first, allowing you to download applications and games from the WiFi network.

Youtube opens with this 3D interface that contains suggestions for videos. A tip: never update the version of youtube or the 3D interface go to bag. If you do this, Enter the Youtube application options and send “uninstall updates”.

See just how is a video channel tudovemdachina on youtube.

How about play Sonic on your TV screen? Simply download an emulator for Android and the ROM mega drive cartridge.

The same for F-Zero Super Nintendo.

The AnTuTu benchmarking reaches almost 10 thousand points, pretty good for an average device price. The MK808B costs only about $ 50.

In system information, something is strange: the resolution indicated is only 720 p, While the TV recognizes as 1080 p. Software error?

What does the MK808B be a good Android device is the 1 GB RAM and 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor.

Mali GPU is a Quad Core 400 MHz, that is certainly responsible for much of the score of benchmarking.

It is possible to play videos straight from the WiFi using a technique that I had commented This link. Below the first episode of the fourth season of Star Trek: the Next Generation.

Videos in HD also play without problem, and for this I recommend downloading the MX Player. Below the scene of the first episode of the second season of The Office.

The MX player play the video with no hardware acceleration problems.

For those who always complain WiFi speed in these cheaper devices, the MK808B can reach without problems the 10Mbits, What is really good for the internet and Streaming.

You can access emails and facebook…

The device comes with ROOT, but you can get it using the SuperOneClick. Instructions in this text.

A wonderful choice after doing root is installing the software Sixaxis Controller, that allows you to connect PS3 controls to your Android. Below the photo of a control connected successfully. You can play emulators with a wireless control! Later I will write a text with instructions to make a PS3 control work on Android.

The MK808B comes with several pre-installed applications, but none of those crazy Chinese shit.

There is also a menu of additional configuration, In addition to have on Android.


Another cool thing to do with the BlueTooth is pairing a wireless headset and watch videos without bothering anyone.



For only U $51,50, the MK808B is a great device. Fast, reliable and functional to run games and watch videos either via internet or memory card. Putting a wireless mouse and keyboard have a computer in our LCD TV that allows you to do almost anything in relation to the desktop. Those interested in acquiring the MK808B can follow the link below the store DealExtreme: android-4-1-google-tv-player-w-bluetooth-1 GB-8 GB ram-rom-tf-hdmi-black-177,867

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  1. Oops,
    Excellent post, I have a Q7, It worked well, not updated and didn't do more used for outlet youtube and netflix, the usbs don't work anymore and neither wi-fi, any tips ?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. My MK808 is stuck. Open a program and I can't get out. What to do ?

  3. Antonio Carlos Ferreira Arcadio

    I bought an appliance AOC all-in-One EVO LED A20 72 PWH BK, and I can't watch NETFLIX, This equipment has Android processor 4.1, does anyone have any suggestions so that I can access NETFLIX

  4. Caleb Marinho

    Hi? I would like to know it runs quietly or 1080 p videos there are crashes?

  5. Ramon Vasquez

    My device keeps the green screen in time will run movies on netflix and caption are perfectly over the screen goes green. Could you help me, from already thank you.

    • Make sure you don't accidentally disable 3d acceleration in the developer options. Turn off all the developer options. If it doesn't work, Uninstall and reinstall the netflix. You can also try “delete device” in backups and restore or update the firmware.

      • Ramon Vasquez

        done everything but update the firmware, If I can continue helping me thank you, could you tell me how to do this update, the one thing the android is the 4.2.2 (PS. not found the 3d acceleration option). from already thank you

      • Ramon Vasquez

        iz all but update the firmware, If I can continue helping me thank you, could you tell me how to do this update, the one thing the android is the 4.2.2 (PS. not found the 3d acceleration option). from already thank you

        In 24 October 2014 16:31, Disqus wrote:

        • Adriano

          It seems like this is an incompatibility with new versions of NetFlix. Try to get earlier versions of NetFlix APP to see if it works. For this type in Google NetFlix APK, Download to the device and manually install.

  6. Roberto Baptista

    I did an update on this unit (MK808B) more on updating stopped, After that the device does not recognize on computer, What do I do? do you think I lost my device, still got it? where can I repair this appliance ? Can someone help me ? Thank you.

  7. Roberto Baptista

    Someone who can tell me what to do about updating the appliance MK808B.

  8. Roberto Baptista

    Good afternoon

  9. Roberto Baptista

    Good afternoon

  10. Guys I bought a MK808B, and it didn't work, I tried to do the updates and nothing, can someone help me, When I try to do the updates the blue light does not erase, does anyone have the firmware for my pass please. Since already thank you.

  11. Hello, I just bought android Mini PC MK808B and tested and will screen 1080 p to 720 p and is also restarting and locking. And how do I fix the android mini pc? P.S.: ANDROID MINI PC MK808B – CPU RK3066 Dual Core 1.6 G (Cortex-A9) – DDR3 RAM 1 GB – ON BOARD ROM NAND FLASH 8 GB – Model number: MK808b – Android version 4.2.2 – Kernel version: 3.0.36+ – Ihh_V_404j2 #75 – Friday March 7 2014. Thanks

    • Try another monitor. There are some monitors and TVs that do not work well in certain resolutions. You can also try switching the HDMI cable.

  12. Good afternoon I bought a Mk808B in DX, answer me one thing his wifi reception is bad or my signal is bad, Another thing how do I connect via control that comes with it, I've tried several ways and nothing.

  13. Madhu Sion Vitha

    Also loved the Post of Adriano. I have a question: It is possible to install an external HD WI-FI in MK808b and even share it with other Notes? Thanks for your help.

  14. RobinsonCrosue

    good afternoon I tried but I couldn't play with the ps3 control can you tell me how to configure it in the MK. thanks

  15. Very good Post Adriano. I would like to take some questions. He reads the MKV and MP4 formats? Accepts 1 TB external Hd? I'm looking for one that has a digital optical output to install on my HT, you would show me some? Hugs

    • With great output is very hard to find. Accepts MKV and MP4 certainly, MX software player. External HD also works.

  16. Adriano, very good post, I see that you were quite happy with the appliance.
    Could use some help, If possible. As well as the colleague below, the second time I went to use my MK808B it got stuck on splash screen with the logo “Android”. Do you believe that with firmware update can fix this problem or is there another way to fix? I'm concerned that missed the appliance…
    Note: I'm using the source that came with it.
    Thank you in advance.

    • You can update the firmware, got a tutorial in I never updated since, It seems, There are several versions of MK808b with different hardware, It's hard to know which is the correct firmware to update. But in your case, the unit is in trouble, It's worth a shot.

      Check before if there is any problem with the source. Use another source to make sure it's not feeding.

      • Adriano, Thanks for the tip. I ended up not updating the firmware, but the video helped me to reinstall the version that comes in the memory of the appliance and it started working. ABS

      • Hello, It's very difficult even to understand the English of man… I don't venture to do that…

  17. Hello Friend,

    I bought one in DX and I received today 27/06, but when I turn on the TV it appears google tv screen and then a screen that appears only Word andoid and still not. Don't put keyboard, only a wireless mouse, by chance need keyboard for him continue ?


    • This happened to me when I used the USB TV to feed the MK808B. You are using the power supply that comes with it?

      If the problem persists with the font that comes with it is left trying to do a firmware update. Maybe the problem is the firmware. Has a video that explains how to do this, but I've never tried:

  18. I would like to buy at DX, but as I do not have international credit card to some form of deposit on Paypal for ticket and pay on DX? Thank you for your attention. ABS.

    • I know that some time ago the PayPal released payments with billet. But I do not recommend. Better get an international card, because the payment is released faster and you receive the product faster.

      • Has the whole international prepaid card. I have one and it works on google play, buying abroad, etc.

  19. Adriano, I liked your post and already got the MK808B, but the pictures that you posted, left me with doubt as to the USB power connection. An image (IMG 4) you show the connection on the back of the appliance and in other (IMA 12, with it turned on and LED on) the power is connected on the side, What is the correct? I ask this, Since I connected my back door, the LED lit, but the MK808B didn't load anything nor gave signs of life on TV.

  20. I'm using my connected USB Samsung TV direct (1 32″ LED). It's working perfectly. When I turn on the TV it binds together automatically.
    By the way, use the Netflix without problem.
    Congratulations on the review. Pretty cool even!

    • On my TV, a Samsung 40 inch series 5, food did not work via USB, only with the source. Thank you…

  21. Gustavo Henrique

    OLA, I buy this model of DX and still came with Android 4.2.2, I loved the appliance, There's a problem: Netflix does not work, the film appears totally mangled, It seems he interpolates the images… If her… You get to use the Netflix? You know how you can solve this problem?

    • Haven't tried using NetFlix not. How about Google for earlier versions of NetFlix APP, or maybe try to find someone who has had this same problem?

      • Gustavo Henrique

        I've done these checks, previous APK solved. What I found on the XDA is that the solution is to downgrade on android, of 4.2 for 4.1, but hey life, to with android more updated and I'm going to have to let this version… Wanted a less radical solution…

  22. Bought at DX, It took 45 days, worked like a charm the first time, 30 minutes after, the wi-fi signal fell and I couldn't connect it. Before trying the connection signal appears as excellent, After you give click to connect, the signal icon appears as low and can not connect. You would have an idea of what might be happening?

    • Is still working normally. Try putting the factory settings to see if it passes the work…

  23. Good morning very good post, a question, I have a samsung smart tv is compatible? Is there any risk of damaging the TV?

    • I don't see how damaging the TV. Actually, the MK808B simply generates video (and audio) via HDMI. Would it be possible to send this video to any television or monitor with HDMI. I have a Samsung TV and it works normal. The photos were taken from a including Samsung series 5.

      • Thanks for the attention, the fact that smart no problem of conflict? Should I remove the wireless adapter when using the MK808B or the two operate simultaneously?

  24. Álvaro Omori

    Adriano, I really enjoyed the post. There is this unit selling on Aliexpress along with air mouse/keyboard of generic brands, as Measy/BOB (model RC11, Rc12 or RC13). You have knowledge of these air mouse/keyboard?

  25. Mauritius Old

    Dear Adriano, I'm about to buy my, but I'm not sure of where to buy. You know answer me if the Deal Extreme sites ( and Geek Buying ( are reliable. In both sites the value is the same $ 47,90. About how to turn off the appliance, I was reading on the net, a good way to solve this is by using the USB connection from the TV to feed him, so, the appliance will shut off when I turn the TV.

  26. Very good. As it has turned off? Simply plug Strip? You can update the android dps? Applications recognize the outfit as a tablet or a phone?

    • I turn off by releasing the mini-USB connector of the same source. You can update all APPs or download any Google Play. Recognizes as a tablet, kind of like a cell phone. I think Google has a clear specification not about Android TV.

      • updates the tbm?

        • Does not automatically, There are upgrade ROMs, but you have to put in the computer and verify the procedure.

          • Hello, I bought a mk808b in DX and netflix does not work ! do you know where I can find the firmware to solve this problem ? because I saw that there are various versions (original, clone, new clone). you updated your ?

          • I've heard that Netflix does not work. As I am not a Member, never tested. Use the tvportal to watch all for free even…

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