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Jiake V8 – the octa-core cheap Galaxy Note style

Want a meet the new Chinese adventure? There's the new phone Jiake V8, an octa-core 6 inches, clone of the Galaxy Note.

The Jiake V8 was designed to be a cheap phone with big screen, and fulfills its promises. Has the capacity of processing similar to Galaxy S4 and costs only $ $249,90.

The specs are really amazing. We have 2 GB of RAM, Octa-core CPU 1.7 GHz, 1280 screen×720 and rear camera of 13 m pixels (AF).

The screen is the least amazing of specification. Many manufacturers offer OGS, IPS, Gorilla Glass and Full HD. But the Jiake V8 has nothing that, just the low price.

What's interesting is the similarity with the design of the Galaxy S4 and also with the big Note from Samsung.

It also comes with a pen “estilus” at the bottom of the phone, Despite being a capacitive touchscreen 10 simultaneous points.

Unlike most Samsung phones, the Jiake V8 has a dual SIM, IE, two operators on your phone.

The CPU score is amazing, Thanks to the new processor MTK 6592 eight colors. Enough about 26000 points! Better than the Galaxy S4 and as good as the best phones on the market!

Down there we have some phone hardware specs, as the front camera of 5 m pixels, the screen of 320 DPI and eight CPU colors.

Maybe the camera is not very good and the screen is a little pale, but the price of the phone certainly impresses specifications. The negative points are the fact that the manufacturer be unknown, and apparently the drawback of not supporting 3 g (H ). Without the latter the mobile internet will work very badly, leaving the phone handy little. The battery, only 2600mAh, also seems to be too small. Odd a phone so great not having a slightly larger battery.

Even so, This is a gaming machine for a low price, because according to benchmarking and the videos you see on the internet, should run perfectly all new younger and heavy 3D games. Worth checking out this phone and pay attention to the brand new releases, that promises to make the Jiayu and Zopo in Chinese market! I leave the link to the Jiake V8 on Pandawill:

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  1. Jerry Goonçalves

    friends.. I wonder where I can buy these phones in store, not much faith can come online and a xing-ling instead of the appliance that are offering…I'm from rio de janeiro. I'm fascinated by these Chinese handsets!!

    My facebook:
    Skype: andrio_pistas

    Add me guys, help me please…

    • I don't know any place. Only the Ebay. I even see some cell phones once in a while, none at the moment…

  2. jiake v8 , zopo 988, thl t100 , Newman k2s ,

    Hilive Hi16 or H9008 ?

  3. I have a Caesar A9600( also zp910) that runs the games that install. If anatel lock my imei I can change and I will continue using it. I'm also interested in picking up an octa-core, but for now this is good. Until pq ta expensive dollar. Kkkk when downloading I think caught an octa for me.

    • Very cool! If you're interested, do a review here on the site from your mobile phone. Interested in everyone's opinion…

    • Leonardo Gilbert Bastos

      Hi friend, I am interested in learning how to change the imei of the phone, because I, My wife, my daughters and my mother, We all have unique Chinese appliances… Do you have facebook for us to talk better??? FLW ABCs…

  4. Look, I can say that compensates for YES, buy Chinese phones, already got the Jiayu G2s, the G3, the G4 and now ordered the G5 to me… I've had the Zopo C2 Platinum, the UMI X 2… All VERY GOOD, MUCH BETTER THAN the national folks… I was taxed some times, but the most expensive tax that paid for was worth 75 real, who sincerely, paid laughing…
    I just hope that the FCC does not come with the bitching to block cell phones not approved, because my intention is NEVER to buy domestic appliances.
    Oh, congratulations on your great blog.

    • Gudivada Barbosa

      Good day Leonardo, I have a G3 and I am wanting to get Jiayu other Chinese, I am a frequent user of GPS and I don't like my G3 GPS, delay to give the “Fix”, Depending on the day I even give up using so much that it takes, and the precision is maximum near the 20 meters (in comparison to a Galaxy Grand Duos from a friend of mine is ridiculous, the Grand Duos takes less than 1 minute to Fix and the accuracy is around the 4 meters). I wonder if you think the G4 has improved this in relation to G3? And Zopo phones that you had got a good GPS? Some of them work well without those ugly hacks to change file system, use the YGPS and etc (things you must know to color right, RS).
      I thank you.

    • I agree that it is absurd to block cell phones not approved. I seriously doubt that's the Fcc, It is lobbying carriers.

  5. I do not know if it pays off in the Chinese 250 dollars. If you're branded ( What comes out at least the 120 real) He is near 700 real. I bought my nexus 4 has some 3 months in American promotion by 789 real guaranteed 1 year, Gorilla glass 2, Quad core, 2 GB memory and with frequent updates ( JA to with android 4.4 a week)… So lose not be dual chip..

    • Some factors should be considered: first, the price you paid must have been a superpromoção. The value, now, in American stores is 1349 real. I can't find for less than 1000! Second, the Jiake V8 is an octa-core 6 inches, While the nexus 4 It's a quad-core only 4.7 inches.

      Of course buying in Brazil is guaranteed and the LG brand which is generally good. It was a great acquisition this nexus 4 for this price. If you want to, take some pictures and do a review here on the site. Or send me the pictures by e-mail with your thoughts and post here!

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