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Lamp with 48 LEDs, 5W and 400 lumens

LED lamps are still too expensive, but will be, possibly, the future of our residential lighting.

Are 2 to 3 times more energy efficient than an equal power fluorescent, and about 30 times more efficient than an incandescent. While fluorescent lamp can emit about of 40 to 50 lumens with 1W, a LED could reach 100 ~ 120. In this model, to improve the dispersion of light, one of the defects of the LED bulbs, the top was made in the shape of a lens with multiple focal lengths.

The 48 LEDs are spread around the circular surface, connected to the mains by traditional household light bulb E27 connector. Just screw on the connector to make it work.

Around a 12W fluorescent lamp, in the picture below, It is clear that the manufacturer of LED light bulb that was a little heavy on the specifications. The fluorescent is at least twice as strong as the LED lamp, While the specifications would have 550 x 400 Lumens, IE, the fluorescent should win just for 30 to 40%.

Even so, considering the price of the lamp, about U $ 6, This is the best model I have ever seen. You can use serious to light up a room or kitchen. Until today all LED bulbs I tested had a strange and too blue, In addition to very expensive.

Using the light intensity meter on my Android phone I registered about of 280 LUX for fluorescent and 120 LUX for LED. Unlike measured in Lumens, the measured in Lux takes into consideration the distance from the lamp to the receiver, I kept close to one meter. Lumens, actually, It's a measure of lux per square meter.

Even exaggerated the specifications this is a great lamp, with a fairly reasonable lighting for low price. Who knows we won't have, in the future, the full potential and efficiency of the LED bulb in our homes. Who wants to give the model of your photos, you can follow the link from the store DealExtreme.

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