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WiFi IP camera with Tilt and Pan control

About a year ago I found a WiFi IP camera in a promotion on the website DealExtreme for only US $ 49! I thought it was so cheap I bought to test, understand how it works and then resell.

At the time even took pictures to put on sale! I used their own pictures of DealExtreme to put on eBay by R$349, sold in just three days!

Even so, using the community photos, I'm remembering my experience with the camera, that was pretty good. It is, as the title says, an IP camera with WiFi. The idea is to put it somewhere with wireless networks and transmit video to any other computer, cell phone or tablet on your network or on the internet.

The camera also features remote control Tilt and Pan, which means remotely, through the browser on a computer any local network or internet, You can change the position of the camera horizontally (until 270 degrees) and vertically (until 120 degrees).

And if the environment gets dark there's a lighting to capture infrared, IE, the famous night vision.

Although possessing WiFi, You can connect to the network via Ethernet cable. Actually, It is necessary to do this the first time to set up the camera.

As soon as you plug the camera into your ethernet network she will win a IP address of your router. To discover this address there is a software that comes with the CD of the camera called IP Camera Tool. After that it's just enter this address in your Browser and open the camera configuration, with the login screen shown below:

The camera will work immediately and you will have the Pan controls (horizontal) and Tilt (vertical) shown in the circle at the top left of the picture below.

Blue circles below “live video” in the picture below you can put the camera to patrol the region vertically or horizontally. The camera will always be in motion capturing and sending images via WiFi network.

Speaking of WiFi network, is the option “Device Management” you put the WiFi password for the camera to access your wireless network. There are so many options that it would be impossible to talk about all of them only in a blog article.

The monitoring system also allows you to load up to 8 different cameras, Although I only had one to test.

I found a video on this camera on youtube that shows the Pan and Tilt Motors Running. Check it out:
Another cool thing is the DDNS system. Without this system you can only access the camera remotely on a computer outside of your local network (on the internet) If you know the external IP of your router, the constantly changing. With the DDNS enabled the camera itself accesses a service that updates the IP address on a server and makes available an HTTP address to access your camera. A pity that this service is paid, used to test only in a TRIAL of 1 month before selling the camera.
Only two bad things found in this product: the fact does not work on any other browser except Internet Explorer, What fix doing a firmware update, and the fact that CCD of the camera be only 300 k Pixels. The photos are of low quality, but are suitable for a security system. Those interested or curious to test an IP camera WiFi this is quite good, I leave the link down there:

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