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Digital clock with wooden appearance

I bought this digital clock well cheap to serve as additional alarm clock. This box comes with a USB connector DC Jack and a manual. The Watch has this appearance of wood. Off isn't like a clock! Works with four piles ...

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Flexible bookmark with lamp

For those who like to read in the dark this is the perfect product: a bookmark with lamp. There is a high-brightness LED at the top. The body of the marked is made of flexible plastic. On the back ...

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Lamp with 48 LEDs, 5W and 400 lumens

LED lamps are still too expensive, but will be, possibly, the future of our residential lighting. Are 2 to 3 times more energy efficient than an equal power fluorescent, and about 30 times more efficient than an incandescent. While ...

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Lamp with sensor of presence

My kitchen sink is badly lit because there is a piece of furniture that is close to the lamp. For that I bought these LED lamps. Arrested the Cabinet above the sink with double sided tape. He comes up with the tape, but ...

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Lamp 48 Presence sensor LEDs

I bought a bunch of LED lamps and most gave problem. That wasn't the case this. It is a bulb socket E27, identical to any compact fluorescent or incandescent, It has a built-in presence sensor. Just screw that ...

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