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Inverter 12V DC to 220V AC to car

You want to call something AC in your car? So this is the solution! Or better, almost…

It is a roadster version of the famous circuit called inverter, IE, capable of generating 220V AC from the 12V (or 24V) DC car battery.

To connect the 12V of the battery using the adapter from the cigarette lighter. Most cars come with this universal connector, even if there are like light cigarettes.

The back says 12W, IE, the maximum current will be somewhere around 0.05 to. You can't call a lot, Hence the usefulness of this inverter is very limited.

But a battery charger or mobile source should work, because they require low power from the AC. Do not attempt to connect a blower or vacuum cleaner because something will definitely burn! A laptop charger will also be over capacity, Unfortunately.

The instructions are all in Chinese. Novelty…

Connected in the car the inverter is kind of big guy. There is a USB connector for charging cell phones or tablets directly. Has nothing to do with the Inverter circuit.
I called this a camera battery charger to test. If it wasn't for this inverter would be impossible to charge this battery in the car.

It worked! Once again I wouldn't call anything other than small equipment or Chargers.

Is a good product, even more because it cost only $ $4,70. I didn't need any more power than these 12W, but I confess that I had been thinking about the possibility to recharge my laptop in the car. Let then the link of this product of 12W and 100W a bit more expensive for those who need to connect something more powerful:

12W –

100W –

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  1. Nelson Davis


    As regards the output current, This is not 0, 054A?

    According to the equation: P = V * ; A = P/V : A = 12/220 = 0.05(45)?!

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