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Y100 Doogee Pro 4 g LTE Android Lollipop 5.1 (WITH VIDEO)

Although the dollar is rising, the Chinese phones are still making up for because they're cheap and improving your specifications. This below is the Y100 Doogee Pro, one of 4 g LTE phone 5 inches with Android Lollipop 5.1 for only 120 U.S. dollars. Check out this and other promotions on the website of the GearBest store.


There is black and silver version.


Has a design very similar to the Samsung S5, including in the specifications.


Has Gorilla Glass screen. Amazing that a phone around 100 dollars have this screen type, It even has 720 p resolution.


Even better is the fact that LTE FDD 4 g. Just put a chip with 4 g enabled to leave with broadband. Tests I did with the Alive here in Brazil show over 10Mbits/s on 2600Mhz band, supported by this phone.


Comes with Android Lollipop 5.1. This is currently the best Android.


The rear camera uses Sony CCD 13Mpixels. I have a Chinese phone with this CCD, the OnePlus One, and it's very good the camera.


Support fast charging technology, that promises 70% thirty-minute load connected to.


The battery is 2200MAh, What I found little. I think the manufacturers are being more realistic about the battery specifications.


The screen is 5 inches, have the up and down volume buttons, headphone, rear camera with flash and front of 8 m pixels.


HA supports dual SIM. One of them micro SIM and other conventional SIM.


See the promotional video of the GearBest:

A great phone, lose nothing for today's more expensive, and it will cost only about 400 to 500 real, already considering taxes. Worth checking out!

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