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Humidifier and air conditioner bottle easy to use

I bought this humidifier to treat allergies, because sometimes, on very hot days, the environment is too dry, What promotes respiratory problems. The bottle humidifier It's very easy to use, and just a USB to work.


Inside the box we have two little tubes of plastics, the humidifier and a microUSB cable.


There is the bottom of the humidifier, where you must fit the tube.


Simply fit the microUSB connector on the side to start work.


Actually, to humidify you should put the white tube on the underside of the device, put everything on a bottle of water and connect to a USB. In my case I called in a fountain. If the bottle has cold water environment will be colder, serving also as air conditioner.


I made a video showing the product! Take a look at:

Of course you can't handle the heat of Rio de Janeiro, but the branch breaks in very dry days. In addition to help treat some allergies. I leave the link to the product, purchased in DealExtreme:

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