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Manual potato cutter, carrot, vegetables and fruits

Who cooks knows that it sucks to be cutting all the knife. You lose a lot of time! This simple manual cutter and sharp, promises cut potatoes and other vegetables and fruits in strips to make your life easier. From there it's just frying or use in your favorite recipe.


He has two parts, an external plastic cover and the inside metal makes the cut.


There are two parts undocked:


Too bad you can't adjust the size of the comics.


As I didn't have potatoes in my house, I decided to test with this Apple. Just put what you want to cut at the top and attach the white part.


You don't have to press very hard and cutting will be done on time. Look at what's left of the Apple.


The cut is tight, great for a salad for example.


I finally tested it with potatoes and it worked. It was really cool. The cutter can be purchased here in Brazil too, but I think for some more 5 dollars worth importing from China. I leave the link to the product:

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