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Android Smart TV adapters in DealExtreme

Have you ever heard of a small adaptor that turns any TV into a Android? It's a great Chinese balcony! A lot of people who don't have TV with Smart option, no WiFi or access to applications, will want to buy one of these adapters.

Basically you plug this small device into your TV's HDMI and WiFi support, Android Apps, Bluetooth and various services such as Browser, Skype, Netflix, games and Facebook. Even if you have a SmartTV with WiFi can be worth, If the TV interface is slow or little versatile.

Searched the DealExtreme in late 2014 by the best adapters, in price and application, to supercharge your TV or monitor. All have Bluetooth and Quad Core processor, IE, will certainly be much better than a Smart TV. Let's go get them:

1) MK809IIIB

This small adapter, about the size of a flash drive, connects to a TV for USB and HDMI to send audio and video to the TV. In this way have access to an Android 4.2 on your big TV. You can control Android with a wireless mouse or with a Airmouse. I tested the MK808B, It's just DualCore.

Small adapters like this are very cheap but suffer the same defects always: the WiFi is not very good, IE, need to be close to the router, and the device usually becomes very hot and can lock. Even so, for the price, worth!


2) Jesurun UG007

Another small adapter, with a little more memory and a bit more expensive. The Jesurun brand is very good and inspires confidence. A good idea to help solve the problem is to buy a WiFi HDMI adapter back-to-back, allowing put the HDMI device in another position beyond the back of the TV.


3) X5II

If you're going to have to buy anyway a remote control, Why don't you find a combo with the adapter? This X5II has 8 GB of ROM, 2GB RAM and remote control included. Has three USBs, an RJ45 input and memory card. It's practically a multimedia-oriented computer with Android 4.2.


4) Ourspop MK823

The MK823 comes with a conventional remote control and a Airmouse/keyboard Measy RC11. I have a Rc11 and it works very well!

The MK823 is also a quadcore CPU with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM. Has WiFi and the antenna should give a better versatility the device position. If you will have to put the adapter away from the router, a device with antenna should be preferred. It also has BlueTooth and Android 4.2.


5) Jesurun CS968

This I have and is a great Android TV adapter! Here's the review of this device! Has front camera and a support system to put it at the top of the tv. The camera can be used for Skype or Facebook and even to control Android with gestures. It also comes with a remote control.

The CS968 has 4 USBs (the highest amount I've ever seen on an Android TV), 1 card, an HDMI output and a composite output (very rare!). Also has input to RJ45 network.


6) Ideastar X5II

The X5III has similar to all other hardware of this text and comes with this remote control USB with mini keyboard. It Has Bluetooth, 3 USBs, an entry for RJ45 and SD card.


7) MK902 RKM

The MK902 is another Android device TV with all the hardware of the previous, In addition to Camera, Antenna to receive WiFi weaker and 16 GB of ROM. Very nice for the price.


8) MINIX NEO X 7 Mini

And finally the Neo X 7 of Minix, It's a great brand and unfortunately a bit more expensive. This is one of the few that the manufacturer has made available the score AnTuTu: about of 16000 points. Not bad for a multimedia system.

Has 2 USBs, entrance to RJ45 network, Bluetooth and comes with a control.


These small devices Android SmartTV much it. Run most apps available on Google and they Play a show at AnTuTu. Everyone gets the resolution FullHD 1080 p and play videos directly via HDMI.

Worth buy a remote control with AirMouse to copy the basic functions of volume and power on the remote control of your TV, so you can use with only one control for both the TV and the Android device. This is a great gift for those who like to watch videos on NetFlix, use Facebook, Browser and other applications directly on TV! Cheap and versatile!

I leave below the links to the products, all of DealExtreme:

MK809III –

Jesurun UG007 –

X 5-II –

MK823 –

Jesurun CS968 –

Ideastar X5II –

MK902 RKM –

Minix Neo X 7 –

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