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Sound box for notebook and monitor Youleya-Loya LY06

Normally I use my micro system connected to the audio output of my PC computer. However, Sometimes I just want to hear a short audio of any video or game and this sound box is perfect for this.

When I bought this box in DealExtreme the picture indicated that the manufacturer was Loya, but I was surprised by a change to the manufacturer Youleya. I don't know any of the two, but it seems to me that the box is of good quality.

This is the box, that has a lock and tabs to be placed on top of an LCD monitor PC or notebook.

The photo below shows the tabs and the mobile lock to support the box monitor.

The box has only one mini USB input, that left me a little afraid. Where the analog audio input?

When it supports the box monitor this tab on the right of the picture makes the support.

The mystery of the analog audio input was solved looking this connector, that on one side is USB and the other side we have two connectors: Mini USB and P2. It seems that they decided to use both 5V and GND pins of the USB box and the two data pins to pass analog audio left and right. That's not a good idea, because any given that the PC send to the USB that you connect will go out as noise in the box.

Despite this the box works fine. I decided to turn it into a font with USB output and this solved the problem of noise. In the photo below my LG W2353V monitor, a Chinese camera and the LY06 box.

It was pretty cute and functional. The box has a good power: 2 x 2W second indicated by the manufacturer.

Pity that apparently I bought the last box of this type in DealExtreme. Let then, below, links to this template and to others who might still be in stock:






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  1. Christoffer Lemos

    Hello, can you tell me if the sound of this box is loud and? Does not distort if let out loud? This box is a good alternative to amplify the sound of a notebook? Looks good in a hurry on the screen without scratching anything?

    Sorry for so many questions.


    • I found it good and loud, without too much distortion. It's not too tight, but I don't think scratch! Thanks for visiting the site!

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