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White hdmi cable with double mesh

An HDMI cable with 2 meters like this below could cost, here in Brazil, more than R$40 in store. Although it is easy to buy this type of cable on eBay for about 20 real, the quality is not as good as this one in DealExtreme is for $ $8,10.

Has dual fabric and you're done thinking for specifying 3d FullHD, you need more bandwidth. Although frankly I think that's an exaggeration, any simple cable should work normally in 3D.

For a change, the instructions are all in Chinese, and in the few things written in English is still a misspelling: “Adopter” instead of “Adapter”. See in the picture the drawing showing the double mesh:

The emborrachamento seemed a bit yellowish, but the cable worked normally.

Nothing much to say about HDMI cables, But if you want a shorter and of lower quality can buy in DealExtreme from $ 3.

I leave below the link for this cable and also for three other cheaper, Although I don't look as good as this review.





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