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Wristband Bracelet for Sports Viddon X5

I am researching a bracelet for sports, with bluetooth and all, and found in a store called Everbuying What seems to be the best of them: the Viddon X 5. I did not buy it yet, mainly because the only exercise I do is lifting mouse. But if I decide to buy one this is certainly my choice !


He has various colors, including yellow, Blue & Black. There is metal detail at the bottom serving as a closure. The bracelet can be changed!

The bracelet is basically a pedometer, IE, records the number of steps you take and estimated the amount of calories burned, as well as the speed and distances covered. Then it sends evertything to your phone or PC, where you can store the data and generate charts showing your performance.


On the front there is a Oled display, famous for having good brightness and battery saving.


The display can be removed and inserted in another bracelet. On the back there is a USB that will let you sync the data with the PC and recharge the device.


The manufacturer states that the battery can last up to 4 days! Found in the manufacturer's website the Product Guide.


There is the possibility to synchronize with PC, via USB, and with tablets or mobile phones via Bluetooth. If you choose PC you can use, for free, the manufacturer's website to store data about your workouts on the internet.


The bracelet is also water proof. It could be wet and resists to everyday needs.

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Below the display detail with the unit on. There is only one button.


To synchronize with the bracelet there is a manufacturer's App for Android and for IOS. In the figure below you can see the screen of the App for Android. The device is basically a pedometer, IE, monitors steps and then estimate exercise time, distance and calories.


In the App you can generate a graphic showing the daily exercises.


There is also a sleep monitoring function, where the appliance counts the number of times you turn in your sleep. In this way one can estimate the quality of sleep.


If you don't like the App from the manufacturer, There is also a Simpler app developed by community!

A very interesting device and with various options. Perfect for those who like to run on the beach or on the street. I found the site, which also has several other promotions to check.

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