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Glucose Meter OneTouch UltraMini

I bought this one touch glucose meter of Johnson & Johnson to take a look at the blood sugar, the famous diabetes. My glucose is a little high, I will consult a doctor. Inside the box we have various manuals, the meter, the ...

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Food supplements purchased on Ebay

Can we buy food supplements and multivitamins on Ebay? Yes! It's pretty easy! I bought 100 Cranberry capsules, It has anti-oxidant effect and treats urinary infections, and 120 Glucosamine/Chondroitin tablets, to control joint inflammation. In ...

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Tepe interdental brush

A great solution for those who use orthodontic appliances, or even who want practicality in teeth cleaning, is the interdental brush. This package, I bought on Ebay, comes with six brushes. Had purchased another model of Tepe brush before. The brand ...

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