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Arduino Nokia LCD display 5110

What the Chinese do with used cell phones Nokia model displays 5110? Solder in a label and sell as a kit for Arduino! This idea arose some years ago, When designers began making circuits using the old cell phone display.

For those who want to know more about Arduino, can follow this link, In addition to buying a Arduino UNO in DealExtreme.


The display looks new, but it's probably used in good condition. The connection is made with 8 pins.


On the back there are circuit enough to not need anything else besides the Arduino, of a resistor to the backlight and wires.


There's the Arduino working. It is not possible to see, but I put a resistor of 220 ohms for the blue backlight.


This is the shape connection. The program to test the LCD comes with the library to install the libraries directory of the Arduino. Are actually two libraries, a connection and other graphics. Both need to be installed.


Running the sample program, that comes with the library, the display makes several funny drawings.


The library also allows you to write with multiple sources.


Now a larger font:


Also makes drawings filled with a BITMAP.


In addition to being able to move the pictures around the screen:


For the price, much better than the LCD display 16×2 It sells here in Brazil. It is a recycled material, It's pretty cheap and gives a professional air project with Arduino. I leave below link to the product, for libraries and for the Arduino UNO in DealExtreme:

Arduino UNO –

Nokia Display 5110 –

Basic Library – HTTPS:///adafruit/Adafruit-PCD8544-Nokia-5110-LCD-library

Graphic Library – HTTPS:///adafruit/Adafruit-GFX-Library

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