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Amazon Kindle 5

Present to you the most fantastic Ebook reader: the Kindle!

The Kindle is a unique product, IE, can only be purchased at Amazon. Is currently at version 5, Although you haven't noticed the difference for version 4.


How is a unique product, comes in this little box full of interesting details.


When you open the box it shows the kindle connected! Unlike conventional tablets, the kindle uses a system of electronic ink that makes the battery last much longer than normal, about of 4 weeks! Without the worry with battery leaves the connected screen becomes nonsense!

At the top we have a card to help with the basics for now start using your kindle!

The cable to do the reload, only one time per month, is a conventional microUSB. Point to Amazon, not to use a fucking cable owner like Apple.

The most impressive on the Kindle is the total lack of “GLARE”, IE, the screen is very little reflective and makes it easy to read in any environment.

On the back we have the power switch and the load input and USB data.

The sides have two buttons: a to change the page and another to screen scroll.

On both sides we have the scroll buttons and page. These buttons are there to replace the touchscreen, that is not available in Kindle.


At the bottom we have a directional button, a select button (directional-internal), a back button, Home, menu and keyboard. One bright spot for Amazon to use physical buttons.

Look at the contrast of the Kindle: is very similar to a real book!


By pressing the menu button we have the settings, research and other options.

WiFi network are supported on Kindle, what allows you to download books from Amazon's site without having to connect to the computer. The use of WiFi certainly will reduce battery usage time.

See the contrast and brightness absence of Kindle compared to a real book! The Kindle is just a little less white.

At Amazon we have several books to buy. I thought it was just too expensive to pay 15 ~ 20 reais for an electronic book.

This below cost 17 real! Too salty for just a few Kb of data.

In the Kindle store (Online) You can check out the releases. It is worth mentioning that the store sells books in Portuguese, just like in English.

Among the postings I found this book for less than 15 real.

However there are Ebooks cheaper than R$4,99 and even some free.

Below the list of free books.

I clicked and bought this book: “The merchant of Venice”.

When buying a book pops up a message that he is being downloaded.

There's the book already downloaded. Doesn't seem to take anything.

Contrary to what I imagined, There is a browser with the possibility to assemble any page. You must click in menu, Search and then “search on Google”.

There's the TudoVemDaChina page in E-ink!

Whereas it is a tablet only in shades of gray, the page rides very well in your browser.

There are also downloadable dictionaries, for those who like to read books in English or other languages.

If you want a gaming device, Facebook, applications and browser then get a conventional tablet. But if you want a device exclusively for reading books the Kindle, without doubt, the best option.

Is a fantastic product and pretty cheap. Here in Brazil the official Kindle costs around R$269, no Chinese Android Tablet (or official) comes near these specifications: low cost, best comfort for reading, great battery duration and ease of use. I leave the table below for a list of accessories for the kindle 5 (or 4 because it has the same size) I found in DealExtreme, In addition to the links to the shops here that sell the Brazil's official kindle.

Accessories in the DX:,638,664,626

Links for purchasing the Kindle:”-bateria-com-longa-vida-e-leitura-sem-reflexo-como-se-fosse-papel-1839152.html

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