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Wii controller guarda-doces

Shut up and take my money, says the common meme on Facebook. This is the case of the Wii control guarda-doces.

But what do you mean, you question? Simple, This is a thumbnail of the Wii control where you can put bullets (or pills), and pressing the back button (the B of the Wii) the candy will come out. Serves as a guarda-doces.

Although of reduced size, looks pretty with a Wii controller.

On the back there is even the lid to Exchange batteries…

…but in this case the candy stores!

To reload should open the front cover of the control and put the bullets.

Look at how it looks with the sweet loaded. I think that in the absence of the bullets “officers” You can put any one with the same thickness.

At the top it shows the simple mechanism: then press the back button the bullet will come out by this small hole.

Too bad I can't find Chinese sites links to this guarda-doces. I have only links from Ebay and Amazon, I leave there for the fans:

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