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A lot of wires in male-female and male-> > male to Arduino

As I have a lot of Arduínos and sensors, often I need wires to connect them and do my projects. I bought then a lot of them! Two packages of 200 threads-male>female 20 cm and three packs of 68 male-coloured yarn>Male of various sizes.


Below we have the male-wires>Female, they serve well for connecting sensors and other cards to Arduino.


Are threads of good quality that won't break or warp easily.


These below are the colored wires-Male>Male, serving well to connect the Arduino to a BreadBoard or ProtoBoard.


Sizes and colors vary from 8 the 20 cm.


Good quality for your projects don't get bad contact.


I liked very much the wires, I've done several projects with them and no stopped working. I leave the link to the DealExtreme:

Yellow Wire-Male>Female (package with 200) – cm-200-pcs-303,574

Male-Coloured Yarn>Male (package with 68) – wires-8-20 cm-68-cable-pack-142,221

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