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Three-axis gyro for Arduino GY-50 L3G4200D (WITH VIDEO)

I tried to buy some gyros before, but to no avail. This model, the GY-50 with L3G4200D is the first one that worked. Tested with the Arduino.


Comes with the paddle, where there are two connector options to be soldiers.


You can see in the image below the axes angular reading x, y and z.


The back of the plate has nothing!


Below is the card with the soldiers and connected to an Arduino Uno. I made these angles on the sheet for testing gyroscope, in the case only on the y-axis. For this I used the Library Pololu L3G and a sample program that comes with it.


If I turn the Arduino with the label supported in 0 degrees, and then turn 45 degrees, You can read the angle on the y axis, Yaw in the picture below:


Watch the video I made showing the experience:

I really liked the product and now I'm buying some engines to do projects. I'll see if buy also an accelerometer to complete my inventions. I leave below link to the gyroscope: 3-axis--gyro-sensor-digital-module-for-arduino-148,731

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  1. could you pass me the code?

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