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Tronfy X 2 and Tronfy MXIV – put Android on your TV right now! (WITH VIDEO)

A fantastic promotion on the site TinyDeal appeared this week for buying various TV Android BOXs, as the Tronfy X 2 and the MVIV Tronfy. Below, Photo of the model x 2:

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For those not familiar with the operation of these small boxes, the idea is simple: you turn the box on source, connects to your TV via HDMI cable and you have an Android on your TV, with access to the internet via WiFi to use Youtube, Browser, Emulators, Games, Netflix and other applications. Both models X 2 and MXIV support output in 1080 p and 4 k, you already have a TV on new high resolution.


The Tronfy X 2 has a HDMI output to the TV, SPDIF digital audio output, Ethernet, USB output (that can be used for a keyboard, mouse or even an external HD).


The box is a little smaller than the Palm of your hand, and even comes with a remote control. I prefer to use with a wireless mouse. He has H3 processor Quad-core Cortex-A7 of 1.2 GHz Quad Core and 1 GB memory, staying with price under 50 U.S. dollars.


Watch a video about the Tronfy X 2:

Already the MXIV model is more expensive and much better. The resolution is the same (4K or 1080 p), but it has 2 GB of memory and a 2 GHz processor. Also comes with a remote control.


It also has AV with analog video, HDMI output, SPDIF, Ethernet and two USBs.


Comes with a lot of applications installed. Although, Whereas it should be a lot of Chinese apps, We're going to have to install everything again. Well it's pretty easy as there are Google Play support.


Resolutions supported:


Watch a video about the Tronfy MXIV:

Between the two, I still get the Tronfy MXIV as there are Bluetooth support. It's pretty cool watching videos on TV using a good bluetooth headset. To complete, a Air Mouse! It's worth taking advantage of the promotion! I leave below the link for both products and to promote:


Tronfy X 2 –

Tronfy MXIV –

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