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KINGZONE N5 4 g LTE – Fantastic phone with Gorilla Glass for about 100 U.S. dollars

It comes to Chinese market, in the next few weeks, the N5 KingZone, a phone with a price close to 100 dollars with CPU 64 Bits Quad Core , Gorilla Glass screen 5 inches, 4G LTE, compatible with the Brazilian standard, 2G and 16 g of RAM ROM. Great for the price! Enjoy to use the coupon code KZN5 to lower the price a little more!


The phone has iPhone appearance. Small, light and thin. But all this running Android 5.1 Lollipop!


The rear camera is 13 m pixels.


Comes with the dust cap opening sensor!


Closed, the Cape tells the phone to show the clock. Interesting.


The fact that Gorilla Glass, a scratch-resistant screen, It's amazing considering the price of the product.


Comes in four colors to choose.


Supports HotKnot, a kind of near field that starts the communication when two devices touch each other.


Has 2 g of RAM. AnTuTu of 21000 points, not bad for a phone that costs only one hundred and few dollars.


It has dual SIM 4 g LTE. Also has a micro SD card slot.


Check the manufacturer's test video:

Percent and little dollars, It seems to me an incredible phone. Of course there are other better phones, but the price is more than the double of the N5 KingZone. I leave the link to the product, still in pre-order in store EverBuying:

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  1. Costs 119 U.S. dollars, with the current change of 3,50 more import taxes will pass easy to 500 real, IE, competes with bike and 2015, Moto G 2014 and Redmi 2. If you still think it's worth buying will take the risk of ordering misplaced, 3 months to get and have no local warranty..
    In addition, the processor is weak and the 3 g does not work on all carriers of the BR

    • Adriano

      Really, I hadn't noticed the lack of 850 MHz, used in some places and operators. I had a cell phone that's just had a problem in roaming, in some cities. The range of 2100 MHz is sufficient to cover a 80%. Remember that this call 500 real won't last long on the dollar 3.5, IE, coming back to pay off. The processor is a little weak, but the 25 k of antutu is reasonable. Never had not received order, always comes. Delay, But enough…

      • The truth is that for us are geeks that q phone “intermediary” does not satisfy… I had a nexus 4 q bought more than 2 years and the screen broke and the repair impractical, I bought this RedMi xiaomi 2 to troubleshoot to launch the nexus 2015, but I am very sorry the phone is sooo slow.. Then I'm going to write a review of it and send you Adriano.

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