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Cleaning robotic ball MOCORO (WITH VIDEO)

When I bought this robotic cleaning ball I was sure it wouldn't work. But what's life without a little adventure?


Comes with four outfits that, According to the manufacturer, can retain poera and clean any surface.


In one of these outfits will a ball that has an engine on the inside.


There is the robot that runs on two AA batteries. It rotates on its own axis by changing the center of gravity making the robot ride side-by-side cleaning the floor.


Watch the video of the robot in operation:

Of course it does not work! Obvious! I didn't need not purchase and test to make sure. It's more like a child's toy or a dog than to clean anything. In addition, sometimes gets stuck near the wall until the battery! Does not work, but it was fun to buy! Those who want to venture out and find a use for it, You can follow the links below:,464

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