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Google ChromeCast

After many tests with transfer systems for TV I decided to buy an original Google ChromeCast. This was purchased in Paraguay, and as I threw the box out to save space in the luggage, the photos are on the bed of the hotel Foz do Iguaçu!

The ChromeCast works like a small computer connected to your TV HDMI. You control the ChromeCast using any cell phone Apple, Windows or Android remote control, choosing something that you want to watch on Youtube, Netflix and other applications. It's worth a lot to shame for TV without Smart function, or want more options other than those offered by the manufacturer of your LCD.


A small advertisement on the back of the box. Google also sells movies and music…


The instructions are pretty simple. Connect to HDMI, to the source, turn on the TV and navigate to the address using the cell phone to control the device remotely.


Now we're back to my Studio in Rio de Janeiro, where the ChromeCast appears next to the microUSB cable power supply, that can be connected to the TV or USB source.


The ChromeCast is very small, heats up a little, but access to WiFi network very well, even far from the Access Point


On the back you can see better the HDMI connector.


The very small font can be used to feed the ChromeCast on TVs without USB or with low current capacity.


Also an HDMI Extender to allow placing the ChromeCast in position to best reception for WiFi. I thought this was my idea!


As soon as you turn on, After the boot, appear images posted by users. Interesting. One of the first things to do is a firmware update. Much easier than any Chinese dongle.


Once connected you find ChromeCast using the App that can be downloaded at GooglePlay.


In the phone you can discover applications that are supported by ChromeCast, IE, that allow you to send audio and video to your TV directly without wires.


Clicking Transmit Screen, the screen of the phone goes straight to the TV. Works very well and almost without delay.


To access YouTube from your mobile phone you will see a small TV on the right, alongside the three points vertically. By touching the icon will start a video transmission to the ChromeCast.


The application of the Youtube question just what the ChromeCast you want to receive the information.


And the video will start on TV. Actually, no transmission between the phone and the TV, the ChromeCast only receives the link and start the download and play the video directly from the internet.


You keep control on mobile, being able to modify volume, run around, and other. You can even turn off the mobile screen that will continue playing normally Chromecast.


The list of applications that support the ChromeCast is huge.


Including the NetFlix, logically.


Entering the NetFlix APP found the transmission icon again.


Select the video and instead of ringing on mobile, appears on the TV screen! You get the phone as if it were a remote control. Great idea!



The quality is very good, but obviously depends on the video to be watched. Netflix has a large number of videos in wide fullHd, including Friends!


Of all the options, including the Chinese, the ChromeCast is the most simple and functional. Works perfectly, Although heat some. I think it was a good buy for only 40 U.S. dollars. It's much more expensive in DealExtreme or here in Brazil, but worth it for the great functionality:

HTTPS:// = chromecast&What = chrome&AQS = chrome

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    Adriano still prefer the Ez cast M2

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