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Robot that walks and rises – Tumbling Robot (WITH VIDEO)

How about learning some basic mechanics building a robot? The Tumbling Robot It's perfect for this, because the mechanics is simple and fun!


Inside the box the robot, that costs only 8 U.S. dollars, We have the manual and three plastic bags with pieces.


In one of the bags we have legs. Within each foot enters a AA battery.


Inside of another bag we have stickers, the head, the arms and trunk. In addition to prendedoras parts.


In one of the bags we have the central mechanism that goes inside the trunk.


The manual is not a big deal, but the expense.


There's the robot mounted!


See this red plastic rod with white tip? Is the sensor to realize when the robot fell. In this case, the engine change for him to use the arms to get up.


Watch the video I recorded!

Very cool robot. Too bad I can't find way to adapt it to be controlled via radio with an Arduino. This was the reason of original purchase. Even so, for the price, is very cool and a guaranteed fun! I leave below link to DealExtreme:


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  1. Although this robot fall quite, It's fun. So far I haven't figured out how to adapt to use the Arduino and control this robot remotely…

  2. There is a link at the bottom of the text and at the top. The TudoVemdaChina does not sell products, only reviews and indicates. In this case, the purchase can be made in DealExtreme:


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