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Control to Wii with Wii Motion Plus Remote

My Wii control original burned, I don't know why this happened! Anyway, I decided to buy a alternative control Chinese to test and it worked great.


He came to Silicon dust cap, that is not original.


Has everything you need in a Wii controller, including the Motion Sensor, There was no attachment in the Original Wii that improves the resolution of the control.


Features including the entry for Wii NunChuck. The version I bought I haven't been with the NunChunk and is a little cheaper.


All the same the original, at least so far!


Worked perfectly. Played Mario Kart and Ping Pong, the best Wii games, and it all worked out! I leave below link for both products, with and without the NumChuck:

With the NunChuck –,124

Without the NunChuck –

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