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Review of appliance THL W8s

This post was originally published on the Blog MenteMobile, and due to the interesting theme was republished here in TudoVemdaChina.

As posted earlier got a smartphone THL W8s. This device just to surprise me since the beginning, When I was considering your purchase. The unit has a very good configuration in relation to the same price range that are sold here in Brazil and, In addition, have a great cost, I think it's quite low for Brazilian standards.

The design is very similar to the Samsung devices, resembling in many ways the Galaxy Gran Duos.

He relies on a screen 5 inches IPS display and full HD 1980 x 1080, showing so a density of 480 DPI.

With respect to hardware left behind, with quad-core processor 1.5 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, the appliance “hang in there” pretty much all the daily tasks and even heavier games.

One of the more positive points is the storage memory device, that is 32 GB, being divided into 4 GB for internal use and other 24 GB (are 24 GB because the operating system uses a portion of memory) to use as you wish. If the 24 remaining is not enough, It also has a micro SD input that can expand more memory 32 GB. According to the manufacturer the model "s" also features the famous Gorilla Glass (What I'm not going to test, Let us make sure the same time hehehe).

Among the features follows some positives and negatives:

-Screen resolution and lighting
-Front and rear camera, get excellent pictures
-Processor and internal memory
-Comes with Android 4.2.1


-Battery lasting less than a day (remembering that the duration is similar to my old smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy SII)
-GPS slow to recognize
-Physical "home" button only works after the device unlocked (this because android be the same coming on Nexus, and this version does not recognize the physical button as "wake up" button the appliance)

The Unit came in a greatly enhanced, which ensured the delivery intact. Inside the Pack, In addition to the housing of the device came, a stylus pen, a Cape that protects the screen and an adapter.

Within the manufacturer's box is included the appliance itself, User Guide, two batteries, USB cable, power connector and headset, and in all these items I could see a good quality in manufacturing. Follow the pictures of the device and packaging:


A point that left me with a bit of fear was the camera, because these Chinese handsets no longer presents a very good reputation with respect to cameras and amount of pixels.

Before purchasing I researched in various locations, pictures taken with this device and oddly enough I couldn't find, I just thought some footage on youtube. So one of the first items tested was the camera, in order to get this off of my conscience. I'm glad that this has become more a point that struck me, because it is really 13mpx and the pictures taken are excellent, below some pictures of the camera test:


I use the smartphone throughout day, It also influenced enough about the battery. The battery is 2.000 mAh, If I load the appliance during every night, He comes to last until some day 9:0 pm (remembering that I use the appliance with all related functions, as GPS, WiFi, 3G). I haven't used the battery to run out, When the low-battery message, put to load and only next morning retreat.

The General performance of the unit is excellent, so far not caught and not restarted suddenly. Showing always good answers when it comes to most common applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as showing satisfactory performance when we initialize a heavier application, as games and etc.. Below a video showing in general the appliance:

Below the appliance viewed from the side:

The back of the appliance:

The video was not of the best, because the camera used did not cooperate (or I I don't know use even hehehe), but we can see that the appliance responds well to command and access the applications and tasks in General.


As reported in one of the negatives is the GPS, I think it takes to recognize, Despite not using too much at my destinations (because I'm usually a motorcycle), I've tested and was told the route correctly, using Google Maps. The audio device is also good, and you can watch a video or listen to a song in open environment.


We can see clearly when it comes to cost x benefit this is the appliance. The unit performed overall a good performance, If comparing with some top of the line that we have in the Brazilian market and also presented a relatively inexpensive cost, in my point of view it was worth every penny spent.

I hope you enjoyed the review and if they have any suggestions or criticism will be available to answer. As soon as possible, I will do a more elaborate video and better quality. Below the links to buy the THL W8s:

In DealExtreme:

Black –

White –

In banggood:

Black –

White –

On PandaWill:

Black –

White –

This post was originally published on the Blog MenteMobile, and due to the interesting theme was republished here in TudoVemdaChina.

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  1. You could recommend me a tablet to buy in china?

  2. Cool your blog kra,from here q discovered the wonders of buying in china…
    But you were taxed on this product?

  3. TBM I have this phone, He is very good, surprised me a lot..

    • Cool! Leave your impressions here for all!

    • Friend he is Gorilla glass screen even? have you had any problems with it ? signal among others?

      • Yes, I had no problem, the signal picks up very well with the vivo chip, get the 3 g tbm, the processor and RAM memory are excellent, most wheel heavy games without leg, I don't mind paying a little bit of the phone, alias, the headset that comes with it is very good, but the audio is not legal in headphone – one that has a button in the middle to tighten – the headphone that comes with it is cool, IE, just use the headphone that comes with it,or use one that is not a headphone, the phone takes to load, but it takes time to download… Anyway, is a great smartphone…

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