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I2C module LCD to Arduino

The most annoying of the projects with Arduino and LCD is the number of threads, because they are needed 4 for the data, two for control, two for power and two more for a pot. This module I2C 16 display×2 embedded facilitates the project, for now are required only 4 wire to get the Arduino communicates with the LCD.


This is a soldier behind a conventional HD44780 LCD display 16×2.


You can buy this module separately If you already have the display.


The connection to the Arduino is easy: SDA in A4 and SDL on A5 (Analog in the Arduino). Although A4 and A5 are analog input pins, they turn 1 1 standard I2C interface by pressing the correct library.


Works great and is much more practical than using the Conventional LCD. For testing I used the code This page.


Liked the idea of simplifying the project, aside from conserve conventional pins Arduino Uno for other projects. I leave below the links to the products used in this text:

Arduino Uno –
Conventional LCD module –
I2C module without LCD –
I2C module with LCD – p-wire-for-arduino-441734

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