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Watch for those who can't read hours

You always get doubts when your read your watch? No? Of course not! You're normal, Dear reader!
But if you know someone with any difficulties, look what I found in a Brazilian shop called Kalunga! A watch for those who can't read hours!
It is a disc that passes over a conventional clock with numbers. When it's 8 o'clock, for example, it indicates 8 as shown in the picture below.
In the external area of the watch there is a conventional minutes pointer. And that's not all, you do not even need to multiply by 5! It is already factory calculated…
On the back of this clock I discover that such an invention could not only be Chinese. You can read a very small Made in China inscription?
The clock is actually very beautiful. When it's 8:30, for example, it will show 8 and 9 in the hours hole.
That's good, It is only 29.00 reais in Kalunga. For all the lazy people around the world!

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