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Digital TV receiver ISDB-T for Android (WITH VIDEO)

It's been a long time since I've been looking for this gem: a receiver of Digital tv for cell phones and tablets, Android compatible with the Brazilian standard ISDB-T.


The antenna can be removed to make it easier to keep. Like this, any cell phone or tablet becomes a device with digital TV!


Comes in a bag OEM.


The application indicated is the PADTV. Work on a tablet Samsung Tab and on my phone OnePlus One.


But beware of a detail. The first time you enter the application, He gives a message asking for permission to access the USB. If you don't give ok request the APP won't work.


You can view digital 1SEG TV without problems. There is also indication of what's playing at the moment, as in any digital TV.






The image is reasonable. It's not HD, but it's pretty good.


Works with any tablet tuning any open digital TV channel.


Watch the video I recorded:

I really enjoyed. Whereas costs only 19 dollars was a great purchase. Now all my Chinese cell phones and tablets have digital TV! Below the link for those interested:,300

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