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Raspberry Pie 3 Model B – the development of mini computers

A while ago I wrote about the Raspberry Pie 2, a small card the size of a credit card that runs a full version of linux, with server, terminal, GUI and all. This below is the new version of this board, the Raspberry Pie 3, having WiFi and Bluetooth integrated enhancements beyond CPU.


In the box comes with a paper bag, the plaque and two manuals.


I also bought this acrylic case with fan to ride my mini computer.


The case comes with two acrylic pieces, one fan and many screws.


This below is the small plaque, with HDMI output and audio 3.5mm.


On the side we 4 USB ports and an Ethernet.


It also has an expansion bus for you to do electronics design and digital.


To mount the case has to screw the little sign on acrylic base using plastic spacers that comes with the kit.


After you place the top using the metal spacers. I ended up riding the fan unlike, because in this case it is leaving the air instead of cooling. But it's worth!


The better you do with raspberry Pie 3 is still install RetroPie and turn the whole thing into a video game old. Roda Nintendo 64, Nes 8 bits, Mega Drive, Master System, Arcade, Neo Geo, Ps1, Atari 2600 and many other. see how install here in this text. It's the same thing for the raspberry 2!


Most N64 games run well. Some give bugs…


Master System and Mega Drive run well. You can play using a wireless control of PS3!


See then the Super Mario 64 running!


I not yet found something cooler to make the raspberry pie 3 than running video game old games. But even just for that little sign the worth. I leave below link for Raspberry Pi 3 model B e para o case:

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  1. Did you notice any significant improvement in performance in RetroPi Pi 3B?

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